Could Chris Paul come to Detroit?


Think it's not possible? Come on look at all the facts. First off, given that Chris Paul is out of the playoffs sooner than he anticipated. Given that the Clippers current big men have a maturity problem. Given that with Blake Griffin's new contract kicking in next year, and lacking an MLE, it is going to be very hard for the Clippers to get any better any time soon, and it's not like Sterling is notorious for spending a lot of money. The Clippers may not be the best situation for the only recent MVP in the past five years without a drastically receding hairline.

Ok, so he may leave the Clippers, but wouldn't Detroit be a big downgrade from the 2nd biggest market in the country? Well, we're not competing with L.A. Lakers signing him, we're competing with the L.A. Clippers, which is practically a D-League team. In Detroit, Paul would grace every billboard, eat free in every restaurant, and have 1 in 5 babies named after him, which is probably the kind of treatment he is used to from his time in New Orleans.

"But Tads," you say, "wouldn't he just go to some other place in the league, I mean really, here?" Yeah, you're probably right. But there aren't a lot of places that can straight up buy him and places that would have to engage LA in a wacky sign and trade which most of them wouldn't want to participate in. I went through the league and came up with this list:

Atlanta, Dallas, Houston, Lakers, Knicks, Philly, Utah, and Us.

You might think "But all those teams are better than us," and you'd be right. This isn't going to happen without some power moves by the front office, but it is possible to get some of those moves to happen before free agency. If we get some paradigm-shifting coach, if we can make Phil Jackson some kind of long-term contributor to the team, or at least convince someone really awesome to come here. And if we get one or two more players, which would probably happen a lot easier if Chris Paul was on our team, I could see us having a chance.

Yes, he surely would not come here based on how crappy we have been the past few seasons. Right now, we aren't in it. It is going to only be the work of some really crazy front office work. Things sound pretty crazy in the front office right now with the news about Phil Jackson, so it could be possible. That's all I'm saying. It's possible.

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