What about Alex Len?

Streeter Lecka

I wondered if the Pistons might pursue drafting Trey Burke a while ago. I thought he might be a better player in the long term to lead the team over re-signing Jose Calderon. I still have a twinge of hope that this might come to pass. However, I've seen it projected that Alex Len might be the Pistons' pick recently, and have started to really warm up to the idea.

Of course I'm on board with Andre Drummond and Greg Monroe being the star tandem we build around, but what if adding another 1st round lottery pick as a center were possible? Can you picture the Pistons having at least two of these players on the court at all times? It's an intriguing thought, isn't it?

It's really, really, really early to speculate on who will go to who in the draft, and more times than not, forecasts are wrong anyway. So, perhaps it doesn't really matter to speculate on how this pick might pan out, but I wanted to see what the rest of the community thought.

It seems the more time you have to think about their roster, the more you come around to thinking the way they can build a unique and much more powerful style is by adding to their unit of big men. Jason Maxiell did his best, but he was far from dominant. Although he accomplished a lot with determination and hustle, he just didn't have the physical tools to be a dominate player. Len and Drummond are both really young players - both are just 19! However, both seem to be extremely gifted and could prove to be an extremely unique tandem, especially when complimented by the presence of Greg Monroe.

Len just had ankle surgery that will keep him from playing for 4 to 6 months. That might be enough to have his stock sink to let the Pistons draft him with the 7th or 8th pick. Of course, having him out of commission until possibly November might make him unappealing to them as well. However, despite the memory of Darko haunting us, it seems that since Len has had a college career, I'm a little more secure in considering him. What's more, I can imagine a trio of big men that could come to dominate their opponents unlike trying to copy the style of all the rest of the teams with a good, but not super star perimeter player.

So Bad Boys' Community, what do you think? See the prospect of drafting this big man as an interesting possibility as I do? More interested in a SF or PG still?

There have been some good posts about creating competitive advantage as well as a unique style of play. I am intrigued by the trio of lottery big men giving us an advantage that other teams would find hard to beat.

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