Another Chance for a Pistons Dynasty

The Pistons had just as much a chance to establish a Multi-Chip basketball dynasty as the Spurs did.
The Spurs have their "big three." The Pistons had their "best 5 alive."
Both teams had genius level coaches, that were able to get the best out of combo guards and in effect turn scoring guards into point guards.
10 years later the Spurs dynasty is still strong.
The Pistons version of that dynasty was lost when LB left. The first chance at the dynasty left when they drafted Darko over Bosh, wade, and Carmelo. LB leaving sealed the deal, especially when Joe kept his passion for combo guards alive year after year, while the Spurs (showing a better understanding of the game) openly courted Jason Kidd even after winning a championship with Tony Parker.
With DruMroe in the fold, the Pistons do have another chance to reconstruct a Dynasty.
I don’t think the genius coach route is going to do it for them this time. The only way to construct another dynasty around Drumroe is going to be with the complementary players.

Joe D needs:
1. A true pg: Burke, Calderon, MCW, Nate Wolters
Since the “elite coach” route is a dead-end, a true PG that can score, keep the assist/turnover ratio high, and feed Drumroe easy buckets is a must, not an option

2. 3 & D scorers on the wing: porter, Mclemore, Oladipo, kentavious, glen rice jr., James Ennis, Carrick Felix, Iguodala
Every one of these guys will give you three and D. Some more three, some more D… Porter and Iguodala are the only ones that give you a more complete star level game at SF.

3. A Lebron Slowdowner: Kenyon Martin, Tony Mitchell
Nobody can stop LeBron, KD, or Carmelo. But Kawhi Leonard just slowdowned LeBron for three games in a row. Pistons could have drafted Leonard Easily in 2011. They cant make the same mistake again. By trading with Dallas for pick #13 the Pistons could pick up 2 Lebron slow downers at once. Plus productive depth at PF.

Any mix of the players listed above can save Joes career and put the Pistons back on track. So many options, draft picks and cap space it’s like a kid in a candy store.

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