Solving the Detroit Pistons' guard issues


Obviously this year is the make or break year for the Pistons. If you are underestimating this free agency look back a few year when we got Ben Gordon and Charlie V and look how much that has affected our team. Fast forward and now the Pistons have a very bright team and have actually been drafting pretty well in the last few years. The Pistons have to go big in this offseason because we traded next year's 1st round pick to the Bobcats and unless we make a blockbuster trade (highly unlikely), no team is going trade us their lottery 1st rounder for next year. With that out of the way, lets look at what I think we need to acquire.

1. A Point Guard who can make others better.

2. A shooting 2-guard who can even out the backcourt with either Stuckey or Knight.

With point guards, I look strictly at assists because that is what we need. The only player on our team who can really create his own shot efficiently is Greg Monroe. Of course, I'm unlikely to pick them if they can't be a scoring threat at all, but assists are priority. The first goal might be the hardest, but could end up being the easiest. Obviously what comes to mind is Jose Calderon who was able to get 7 assist a night. The problem is, he is an unrestricted free agent this year and coming to the closing chapter of his career. Will he finish off in Detroit, or look to go a winning team for once and really push for a championship? Detroit has the money to spoil him a bit, but time and time again we have seen veterans take pay cuts just to have a shot a the title (i.e the 2003-2004 lakers, 2012-2013 Heat). In the case that he doesn't want to resign, we don't have many options but I did find 3 players that could fill the spot.

Remember that other guy Will Bynum? The guy that played behind a slew of guards? He's actually pretty damn good. He never really got the minutes he deserved though, averaging only 19mpg but take a look at this:Game Log for Bynum. He was getting great assist numbers while managing to score in little time. Him and Andre had a great connection which is significant because Andre can't create his own shot (like the majority of the players on our team). Looking at his per 36 stats, he would be getting 19 point and 7 assist a game. It's unclear if those number will be able to hold up, but anything near that is still very good. Why not give him a chance?

Another option has to be Mo Williams who will be an Unrestricted Free Agent this coming offseason. In 30 minutes he averaged 6.2 apg, an assist-turnover ratio slightly over 2, an 88% free throw shooter. Utah is going to get rid of one if their big men and maybe he won't want take a step back with their progress, and hope to take a step forward with the Pistons. Mo William's Stats

The other player I was looking at which is more unlikely but who knows: Brandon Jennings. Milwaukee is in a very similar position with us, their guards are a mess. The only difference is that their guards have talent. It is a possibility for him to leave even though the consensus is Monta Ellis will be the one to leave. Jennings averaged 6.5 apg last year and chipped in 17.5 ppg. Is it a stretch? Yes. Could it happen? Yes. Brandon Jenning's Stats

The second issue is our shooting guard situation. We first had Knight running the point and Stuckey running the 2, then Singler took over. After the Prince trade he went back to his natural position, Jose took over at the point and pushed Knight to play SG. Not once in that whole sequence was there a player playing the 2 who actually was a 2. Rodney Stuckey and Brandon Knight are undersized and Kyle Singler is right at the 3. It makes absolutely no sense to keep both Stuckey and Knight. They're the exact same player: A shooting guard stuckey in a point guard's body. They can score, but they're a liability playing against people like Dwayne Wade who is 6'6 and has 3 inches on both of them. Meanwhile, the Pistons have struggled from downtown after getting rid of Rip and Ben Gordon. The ideal mindset is to have a yin-yang mentality with our backcourt. We either get rid of Stuckey or Knight (likely Stuckey because his contract is ending next year), and we find a player who can shoot to complement their style. Here are 3 candidates for the job.

J.J Redick. I have been very excited about him possibly coming to Detroit. He is exactly what we need, a player who can shoot and provide more spacing in the paint for Monroe and Drummond. In his time with the Magic this year, he averaged 15 points with almost 40% 3-point shooting and 90% free throw shooting. He might cost us some money because of his fantastic season, but it is definitely worth it. J.J Redick Stats

The next guy might will surprise you, but Tyreke Evans could be a big hit for us. He has great size at 6'6 220 pounds, and fantastic scoring ability (averaged 20 ppg his rookie year). The only downside to it is that he has a very similar style to Rodney and Brandon. His career has certainly declined and he might not cost us much money. Maybe a 2 year + team option is ideal to make sure he doesn't turn into the next Ben Gordon. To me he is a low risk-high reward player. Tyreke Evan's Stats

The last player is C.J McCollum. Very similar to J.J Redick, a great shooter. The problem is that he is both sort and has never played a game in the NBA. However, we could still draft him with another player on this list like Tyreke. C.J's Stats

The last thing I wanted to point out was what we should do with Stuckey or Knight since we shouldn't keep both. It's doubtful that we would give up on BK7 this early so this mainly applies to Stuckey. His contract is ending next year which makes him a very intriguing prospect for a team wanting to clear some space. However I have a different opinion about Stuckey. I think that he could play much better on a team like the Spurs or the bulls who have a great coaching staff that can find a way to incorporate him into their offense effectively. Trading Stuckey for a bogus player and a mid- late 1st rounder next year would be a fantastic deal for both teams.

Thanks for reading, please leave your suggestions down below!

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