Draft Rumors

There seems to be a lot of rumors flying out there. It would be nice if we could try and consolidate the banter in here. Here is a rundown of the top 10 that we got currently

Cleveland- This pick appears to be coming down to Len or Noel. They are still shopping this pick, but are getting low balled because of the weak prospects at the top of this draft.

Orlando- It seems that they prefer Oladipo to McLemore. They are full of smokescreens right now, probably because they don't want someone to leapfrog them and take their player at #1.

Washington- There is not a lot coming from them right now. They are likely to take the best forward on their board, either Len, Noel, Bennett, or Porter.

Charlotte- They are also likely to take the best forward on their board. Not a whole lot going on here either.

Phoenix- They have brought just about everyone in for a workout, with a lot of players supposedly performing poorly including Shabazz, Burke, and McLemore. They can really go anywhere with this pick, including trading up or down.

New Orleans- They are in a similar position as Phoenix, where they can go a variety of ways. I haven't heard much other than they like possibly like Burke, but no one really seems to know.

Sacramento- This team is a mess. After they sold the team they started to bring in numerous prospects for workouts, before they had a coach or GM in place. Now the new regime is trying to get these players back in for more workouts. So far only Snell and Hardaway have been able to go back, and they seem to like both. Something crazy could happen here on draft night.

Detroit- Most of the prospects who are likely to be picked here have yet to workout. Zeller is in today(Fri), CJ and MCW worked out yesterday, and Shabazz is scheduled for Monday. There has been some chatter that they don't care for Burke and have may likely have both KCP, MCW, and Zeller rated ahead of him.

Minnesota- They are looking for outside shooting to pair with Rubio. They are supposedly enamored with KCP.

Portland- I haven't heard anything about them, but they are likely to go big.

Teams looking to trade their pick:

Dallas #13

Teams looking to acquire a pick:

Golden State

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