The Second Best Kind of Threeway

The Atlanta hawks have made the decision to tear apart their team in hopes of building a contender. However, as time goes on, it seems less and less likely that will happen this offseason. So Atlanta is left in a tough position, their only assets are two first round picks (#17 and#18) and their roster is in shambles.Unless Atlanta lures a top tier free agent into a hawks uniform, the future looks bleak for for the Hawks. A terrible record, minimal ticket sales, and a decade long rebuilding process all loom.

The Detroit Pistons are in the throes of a long and arduous rebuilding process, however, an emergence from the proverbial cellar seems to be fast approaching. The Pistons have the league's most promising front-court comprised of 19 year old Andre Drummond and 23 year old Greg Monroe. The Piston's corp of guard and wing players, however, seems to be in distress. Though young players like Stuckey and Knight have the chance to do well and are talented individuals, they don't have the skill sets to run an NBA back-court. So, though the future is bright, the present is bleak in Motor City.

Finally, the Boston Celtics. The Celtics are at a crossroads as a franchise. Do they A) strip down the roster and get young, or B) make one last run at a title( delaying the inevitable). After relinquishing head coach Doc Rivers, the former choice seems all the more likely. However, star player Rajon Rondo certainly won't want to stick around through years of irrelevance. A true predicament indeed.

Here is my proposition:

Detroit Receives: Rajon Rondo(BOS), Courtney Lee(BOS), the #17 pick in the 2013 draft (ATL), and the 50th pick in the 2013 draft(ATL)

Atlanta Receives:Rodney Stuckey(DET), the 56th pick in the 2013 draft( DET), and a 2015 first rounder(DET)

Boston Receives: Brandon Knight (DET), #8 overall pick in the 2013 draft,

Rather than examine my proposition as a whole, it would be much easier to view the trade from each team's perspective. So....

Detroit POV: The only negative for Detroit is the 2015 1st. that was given to Atlanta, However, if this were to occur, I feel like Detroit would most likely be a strong championship contender. Which would make a first a first round pick much less valuable than it would seem at this point in time. The Pistons could turn the #17 pick into a decent shooting guard such as Kentavious Caldwell Pope( slight chance) or more likely a Jamaal Franklin type prospect, However, don't rule out Dumars picking the best player available. It's a certainty a lottery talent will fall, giving the pistons another building block.

Detroit 2013 Starters: Rajon Rondo, TBA, TBA, Greg Monroe, Andre Drummond

Atlanta POV: Atlanta gives up their two mid-first round picks for a shooting guard who can start, a second rounder they could spend on a stash-type player or a D-League player. They also acquire Detroit's 2015 first round pick, which is huge in the rebuilding effort Do they necessarily want to give up two first rounders, of course not, but the return is worth the sacrifice.

Boston POV: Boston definitely parts with the most in this scenario. Rajon Rondo is a legitimate star and therfore trumps all other components in the trade. However, the Celtics have to be happy with this deal. If we all remember during the Doc to LA saga, the Celtics were enamored with Eric Bledsoe. I don't really think there is a debate that Brandon Knight is the superior prospect to Bledsoe.Also, the Celtics were interested in parting with the semi-terrible contract they threw at Courtney Lee. The Piston's can handle the extra cash and do so. Finally the Celtics receive a top ten pick. Absolutely no downside.


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