Parallels to Championship team

Am I the only one who sees Joe D building a team very comparable to the last good teams that the pistons had?

Brandon Knight- Chauncey Billups (Similar Size and attributes as a player. Neither one was a true point guard but both have big time shot making ability and good defense. It took Chauncey a while before he finally became comfortable as the primary ball handler and floor general in the NBA and I think Knight is on a similar learning curve)

KCP- Rip Hamilton (Great shooters, skinny athletic scrappy defenders, good steal numbers, great pull up jumpers, KCP jus has to improve his ball handling and passing to Rips level)

Monroe- Sheed (One half of the twin towers down low, while his game is different than Sheeds the concept is the same. A big man to run the offense through with post ups and elbow touches. Good defender and rebounder. Thankfully takes alot less 3s than Sheed did)

Drummond- Ben Wallace (Dominant defensive force in the paint. Elite rebounder. Painful FT%. Drummond has the potential to become much better on offense too tho)

Peyton Siva- Lindsey Hunter (Energy guy good for 10-15 mins a game of smothering defense and creating a couple plays on offense. Idk if u guys remember when hunter used to get checked into games we was a one man full court press, Siva will be very similar.)

Tony Mitchell- Antonio Mcdyess (Good big man off the bench providing excellent defense at a good rebounding rate. Can create his own shot and knock down the mid range jumper.

Jerebko- Corliss Williamson (Swiss army knife player that can play a different role on any given night)

Singler- Carlos Delfino

Now Joe D just has to find a starting caliber SF and we are set. I think Iguadola would be a great fit with this group, the timing just isn't right. This core needs 3-4 years before they are ready to hang with the big boys in the playoffs and by that time Iggys contract will be close to expired. I have faith that Joe D will plug the gap somehow

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