How the Josh Smith signing could work out


After the initial shock and disappointment from Josh Smith's signing, I am starting to feel a little more positive. Josh Smith, after all, is a good player and a worthy Bad Boy. The fit is far from perfect, but I've been thinking about how it may still work. Here are some ideas.

I am assuming two main lineups: Bigball and Smallball. Smith will clearly start at SF, with Monroe at PF and Dre at C. But Smith only has to spend about 16 minutes at SF, and can play the rest at PF with either Monroe or Dre at C. That's not necessarily going to be easy to implement since you have to adjust to the opponent, but lets just say this is the ideal. This idea has one major advantage, in that while Smith is not an ideal SF for the team, they will have the best backup PF in the league (Smith) and the best backup center (Moose).

So in the big lineup, we need two shooters on the wing. Lets say those are Knight and KCP. Knight is not a good game manager and passer, but in this lineup, he will have two playmakers in Smith and Moose to take much of the playmaking burden away from him. His job will be mostly to bring the ball up the court and either shoot, or get it to Smith or Moose. Smith and Moose will have the option of scoring, passing to each other, throwing it back to either guard to shoot or passing inside to Dre.

Smith should probably be on one side of the perimeter with Moose on the opposite elbow and Dre on the low block (but also to the side where Monroe is), so he can use his size and athleticism to slash and either go to the rim or pass.

In the small lineup, it's pretty straightforward. SF will be between Singler, Middleton, or Gigi. Smith or Moose is PF and Moose or Dre are the center. There is now less playmaking from the frontcourt, but Billups or Siva step in and bring better game management from outside (Bynum has no minutes in this scheme and I like to think he will be traded to Chicago or NY). In this lineup, we should have three above average shooters on the perimeter.

Apart from this two lineups, Slava might soak up about 5-8 minutes at center and Tony Mitchell may earn some minutes as a stretch 4/backup 3.

Cut: English.

Trade: Bynum, CV, one or two of Singler/Middleton/JJ (love him but he has no minutes in this scheme and deserves more on another team).


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