2013-14 Detroit Pistons Home Opener: Who's going? (Updated 8/8/13)

I haven't been up to Michigan for a vacation (to visit family) in almost 2 years, so my plans earlier this year was to go for Christmas (and catch a Pistons game). Well, that isn't going to happen due to some scheduling issues. I then thought about going up for my 10 year high school reunion. Sadly, that's Labor Day weekend, so I wouldn't be able to see the Pistons play. That changed when the Pistons signed Chauncey Billups. Now, my goal is to be up there for the Pistons home opener (provided it's not on Halloween).

I know there are plenty of people here who are likely to try and catch a few Pistons games and I've heard some express that they'd like to go to the Home Opener. My questions are:

  • Who is willing/able to go?
  • How much are you willing to spend?
  • Do you have a preference on seating area?

I'll paste my chat with the Sales Representative below, but for group deals there is a minimum of 15 people. The sections I'd honestly like to sit in are either right behind one of the benches (preferably the Pistons) or the tunnel where they come in and go out (I'm dying to get gif'd waiting for my favorite player only to find out he's been traded). These seats behind the bench normally run from $100-$250, but the Sales Representative said that they were around $125 per person last year in group deals. With a group, we get preferred seating.

My reason for the FanPost is to gauge interest in to seeing who would like to go. By putting $100 down, I could choose the seats as soon as possible. The group deal also gets everyone a fan experience (with 15 people, it's either a picture on the court or a shot after the game). Obviously, if people can't do those prices (I highly suspect many can't), we could get a group rate in another area which would likely be cheaper. My main reason for looking at those areas first is because 1) driving up to Michigan, I want the game I go to to be awesome, 2) hopefully be not too far from the Pistons, and 3) I've never sat that close before.

Santino Toia: [11:19] My name is Santino , welcome to our real-time support chat. How can I help you today? (248)377-8707 /
Guest: [11:20] Well, I live in GA but used to live in Michigan and am a die hard Pistons fan. I'm planning on making a trip up to Michigan for the Pistons home opener (waiting for the schedule to come out on the 25th) and was looking at prices to get an idea of what to save for.
Santino Toia: [11:22] Yeah I can help you with that
[11:22] we do not have specific pricing for that game but if you want to purchase individual tickets when they are available I will be happy to help you out
[11:22] are you looking to attend any other games?
Guest: [11:24] No, not likely. Like I said, I'll be making the trip all the way from GA up to MI, that's over a 12 hour trip one way driving. Could you give me an idea on what the details are for group rates for sections 112-115?
Santino Toia: [11:26] Well although group pricing is not currently available I can let you know that last year that section was approximetley $125 each for groups of 15 people or more
[11:27] you can put a $100 deposit down for a group and secure the first available locations for that game
Guest: [11:28] Ok, I won't be able to do that now. I'm asking because there is a few people from a fan blog that I'm a part of ( that we were all thinking of getting together for that game and wanted to look into group seating.
Santino Toia: [11:28] This would lock in your priority to pick out and reserve your choice for the Home Opener
[11:28] I am familiar with the forum! i read it regularly haha
Guest: [11:29] :) That's good to hear. My username on there is XstreamINsanity. Anyways, which sections are by the tunnel?
Santino Toia: [11:31] Great I can forward you our recently made Groups collateral right away
[11:33] just sent it over
[11:33] how many people do you think would be coming out
Guest: [11:33] I would appreciate that. Here's ideally what I would like to happen, maybe you can tell me if it's possible at all. Seeing as how it's a long drive from GA to MI, I will likely get to the Palace as early as I can. I want to see if there is any way for me to be able to get a couple of Autographs of the players. I'm trying to make sure I have the money to buy my first official jersey (probably Drummond, though I don't know how much they run) for him to sign. I'd like to be by the tunnel to give them high fives, but don't want to be so far away that the view is hindered. If I can't be by the tunnel, I'm going to try and get behind the bench.
[11:34] Honestly, I'm not sure right now. I know at least two that are likely, but that's why I'm trying to be proactive and get details so I can try to get people on board.
Santino Toia: [11:35] We can absolutely put you in an area that is as close as possible to the players, and I will likely be able to get a group leader early acces to the game however autographs are never guaranteed
Guest: [11:35] Oh, I know they aren't. :) But I can dream. lol.
[11:36] And from what I've heard, most of the Pistons players are pretty chill about giving autographs.
Santino Toia: [11:36] they are usually really cool about it
[11:36] but the best thing to do is to get a season ticket and attend our Spotlight Autograph party. There you can get EVERY players autograph on the team
Guest: [11:37] If I lived in Michigan, this wouldn't even be a question. lol.
[11:39] And honestly, the one person's autograph I want the most is likely not available, and that'd be Dumars. :) Do you know if Blaha, Kelser, Mahorn and Mason are easy to get Autographs from?
Santino Toia: [11:40] I am not sure havent looked into that before
Guest: [11:43] Ok, just curious. I'm looking over the brochure now and will likely communicate further with you via email. But I do have one question before I leave (and it may be answered in the brochure), but if I put the $100 down, 1) can I make routine payments, 2) is there a number I can give to others looking to go in the group for them to pay their ticket, 3) how do refunds work if there's not enough people?
Santino Toia: [11:47] yes you can make payments. We do not have refunds however if not enough people show you can use the credit towards regular seats. My contact info is fine to give any other members of your group as well: Santino Toia
Season Ticket Sales & Service Executive
248.377.8707 / office
248.326.5078 / work cell
248.370.5907 / fax
[11:48] Thank You Jason!
Guest: [11:49] Alright. I'll likely end up making a FanPost about it on the forum to gauge interest and I'll email you a link once it's done. How much are the Fan Experience packages? So that I know what other options to offer the members?
Santino Toia: [11:55] one moment please
[11:55] each fan experience package has a minimum ticket requirement and it can be built into your gruop package
[11:56] The high five tunnel for example might require around 50 people
Guest: [11:56] Ok, and that's the one I was more than likely interested in. Hopefully we can at least hit the 15 minimum, but not likely that 50. :)
Santino Toia: [11:57] A deposit would allow you to reserve a fan experience package for a game
[11:57] yeah i understand what youre saying
Guest: [11:57] We'll, I'm first going to guage interest before putting anything down.
Santino Toia: [11:57] with a group of 15 we could only do a photo or shot on the court afterwards
Guest: [11:58] Alright, I appreciate all of your help. I'm going to get talking to the folk and see what we're likely to have. I'll make sure to get back with you depending on what we're likely to do. Thanks.
Santino Toia: [11:58] okay great thanks alot
Guest: [11:58] You have a wonderful day.
Santino Toia: [11:59] Thanks you too!

UPDATED 8/8/2013

Here's who's likely to go. We need at least 15 for a group discount. I will update with prices when I get them. The home opener is 10/30/13 @ 7:30 against the Washington Wizards. John Wall, Bradley Beal, Otto Porter, Nene and others. Should be an entertaining game.

  1. XstreamINsanity
  2. smackdab
  3. MichiganBillsFan84
  4. Matt Ferkany
  5. count that baby and a foul & wife??? (someone get that man a babysitter!!!)
  6. The Boondock Saint
  7. brgulker (pending his schedule)

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