Josh Smith would be a horrible fit in the Pistons lineup


Every seems to think Josh Smith is so amazing and if we can get him in a Pistons uniform we would be off to the playoffs. What they don't think about, is how well they fit. Take a look at these links:

Brandon Knight Shooting

Rodney Stuckey Shooting

Kyle Singler Shooting

Greg Monroe Shooting

Andre Drummond Shooting

If you take a look at the lineup (which could be our future lineup if we don't resign Jose), you'll see that every single one of them shoots well right under the basket (layups and dunks), but they really can't do much outside the basket for the most part. Look at the percentages of their shooting, you can see that not a single Piston has shot 40% or higher from anywhere else besides under the basket. What this means is that the spacing on our roster is atrocious. This means that teams are going to clog the paint for the most part, allowing very little room for out post men Andre Drummond and Greg Monroe. Monroe definitely could have scored a lot more had he had space in the paint. The lack of spacing directly correlates to the Pistons being ranked 22nd in the league (out of the 30 teams) in points scored per game. What we need are shooters that will spread the floor, allowing our post players to have some breathing room. This is why Kentavious Caldwell-Pope was such a good pick. Many people are on Joe D's back because he didn't pick Burke but in our current situation, Burke wouldn't be a good fit. He is not the shooter that KCP is and right now that is what we need. However, by no means am I saying KCP is a better player, but he is a better fit for our team (there is a difference).

Now lets say we do sign Josh Smith, the first the to decide is his position. Lots of people want him playing at the 3 with Drummond and Monroe, or having Monroe playing back at the 5, Smith at the 4, and Drummond off of the bench. None of those lineups would work. With the links I provided earlier, you saw that there wasn't any player that could score outside efficiently. Well, Josh Smith is no different.

Josh Smith Shooting

Looking at those stats, while he can score well inside, his other percentages were horrible. 28.4% of his shots came from the mid-range area were he shot 29%. 17.5% of his shots were from the paint (not including underneath the basket) where he shot 33%. Playing him at the 3 would be an utter disaster because now we have 3 post players who can only score in the paint with 3 defenders in the paint (for a grand total of 6 players) at all times. The second question pertains to if Josh Smith can actually guard the 3 position since he is much more suitable just defending the rim (which is why we have Andre). He will certainly struggle keeping up with a guy like Paul George running around getting open. Playing him at the 4 with Andre on the bench would be bad as well because Monroe is a natural 4, not a 5 and would just cause him to struggle guarding centers such as Roy Hibbert and Joakim Noah (both are in our division).

So the question remains: who do we sign? One player that I would love to seen wearing a Piston's jersey is JJ Redick.

JJ Redick shooting

He has fabulous shooting, and will definitely spread the floor. He can also help mentor KCP to become an even better shooter. If you look at our roster with JJ Redick we have Brandon Knight, a slashing point guard who can make some 3's, a pure shooter in JJ Redick, a slasher (who I expect to work on his mid-range jumper) Kyle Singler, a post man (who also will work on his mid-ranger) Greg Monroe, and finally a defensive specialist in Andre Drummond. That is a much more balanced roster that we had before. It also allows Brandon Knight to get more assists. Scoring in a clogged paint is very hard, but with JJ Redick keeping the defense on their toes, the paint will be spread out and BK7 can start making passes to a spot up shooter in JJ Redick and KCP.

Hope you enjoyed the article, please leave comments with your opinions.

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