Going Through Advanced Stats and Film: What I Noticed

I recently paid the $20 to get access to the mySnergysports database about the Pistons and after some time looking at the advanced stats and the film, here is what I noticed.


On offense we shot 50.8% on pick and rolls with the roll man (aka Andre and Greg). However, this was only 8% of our offense so in an ideal world the Pistons will use this more next year, especially with J-Smoove.

The biggest part of our offense was spot-up shots. It was almost 20% of our offense and we only knocked down 37% of them. However, on 3-pointers we shot almost 38% with spot-up shots. Going through the film I noticed that in almost every play the Pistons broke down the defense and 1 man was left wide open. The problem was simply that we couldn't knock down the wide open 3. There was also a lot of ball movement.

The second biggest part of our offense was transition shots. It seemed as if whenever the opponent missed, the Pistons were hustling every single play. They shot around 55% in transition, which could improve. I did notice that Will Bynum was absolutely fantastic in transition.

The Pistons shot only 37% in the post. Greg Monroe shot 43%, Andre shot 23% (though he only had 17 attempts), Maxiell shot 37% (74 attempts).

Both Rodney Stuckey and Brandon Knight shot in the 30s in spot-up shots, but they also shot in the 30s in spot-up 3s.


The defense was actually pretty good. The only thing that really stands out is that they allowed their opponents to shoot 63% from cuts.

They need perimeter defense, opponents shooting high 30s.

The most common thing the opponents did was shoot spot-ups (20%). The Pistons only allowed 39% of the spot-ups to go in.

As many of you have heard, Grantland made an article ranting on Monroe's ability to defend. Here are some statistics.

One of the main attacks against Monroe was his ability to defend the Pick and Roll. He actually defended the roll man very well, allowed only 43%. Defended spot-up shooting well, allowing only 39%. However he looked hesitant on what to do at times. A lot of the shots were from guards that just missed, Monroe gave a lot of room.

Monroe didn't defend the post well, allowing around 50% of shots.

If anything these stats show that he should be playing the 4. His post defense wasn't good, he defended the P&R Roll Man very well, defended spot-up shooting well, and Iso's (allowed only 39% of them. although he did have some problems preventing baseline drives).

Andre Drummond had stellar defense as expected. His highest PPP (points per possession) he allowed was .92. Also noticed that he really pushes post players out of the paint and it is very hard to get in the paint with this guy.


The Pistons were very good at beating the defense and forcing an open 3-pointer, however they just couldn't knock it down. Next year with Luigi and KCP, that should definitely change. I would also assume that players like Kyle Singler and BK7 will work on their shooting this summer.

The Pick and Rolls will be a huge part of offense with Josh Smith (shooting 70% from the restricted area), Andre, and Monroe. This will also net BK7 more assists.

Post shooting will dramatically improve since we replaced JMax with J-Smoove.Greg Monroe and Andre will imrove with Sheed, aswell as the possibility to work with Hakeem (that's if we can arrange a workout before the Rockets sign him as a mentor to DH12).

Our defense will only get better with J-Smoove. Although he a horrible fit on the offensive end, he has the athleticism to guard forwards. I expect spot-up and perimeter shooting against us to go down.

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