The greatest stat ever made.

Not much going on for the next few weeks in basketball (other than moose and dre in Vegas, but I don't have nba tv so I wont get to see that on thursday) so I thought I would troll a bit and talk about stats/basketball/life.

I come from a baseball family so stats have always been a big part of sports for me. When watching basketball at a young age I always found that most stats didn't match what my eyes were telling me, so because of that I've always considered myself more of an eye test guy then stat guy when making up my final conclusion about players. Stats have come a long way in basketball. I do use both and try to look at all kinds of stats like "normal" stats ppg/rpg/sps/bpg/apg, as well as a long list of advanced stats like WS, WARP, even PER (yes PER is a stat that has some value when used correctly, even if I just lost half of DBB readers)

When trying to describe my dislike for stuckey one day last year I was bombarded with stats about how he is an elite free throw shooter :). I decided then and there to find better stats to use. I couldn't, so I made my own before the start of the regular season.

Before I go in more detail let's talk about basketball as a whole for a minute. There is a main goal and many secondary goals each team has. The main goal is the same for all teams, to win it all, the championship. The secondary goal is the same too, but it's how you get there that seems to be different for each team, making money. If you're the Clippers (Up until last year) you made money by not spending money and being in a good market (In fact this may have been the only team in the league that was never really even trying to win). Most teams can't do that, so instead they try to entertain. This too can be achieved in many different ways. Some, like the Pistons the last few years, try to entertain at halftime with some amazing halftime shows. While others have tried to do it with exciting basketball, even if they know they can't win in the next few years, they can put butts in the seats (Denver and Golden state are good recent examples) P.S. I don't think the Pistons will win jack this year and will probably be swept in the first round. However, I think they will be fun as hell to watch and can't wait for the season to start.

Which brings me to the main topic. I've created the best stat to date, really it's two stats WTF and MILT that then balance out to a rating which has not yet been named. They are the perfect blend of eye test and stat. The main goal is not to say if a player is good or bad, but instead to describe how entertaining they are to watch.

1. WTF stands for What the F*ck

So every time I see a player do something stupid (even if he does make the shot) he gets a rating of -1

2. MILT stands for "Man, I like that ..." although I just started recording these stats this year, MILT came about when I lived in New York and was watching Will Bynums first year on the Pistons. I found myself saying "Man, I like that Will Bynum" (good thing most DBBers stopped reading at the PER comment or else I'm sure I'll hear about this one too)

So as you can tell every time a player got me to say "Man, I like that.." or at least a reaction like that, they received a rating of +1

Would you like to know what I found? Of course you would!

Greg Monroe +147 (not a lot of what he did had the wow factor, but enough for him to lead the team

Andre Drummond +117 (I'm sure this will be much higher next year with more minutes and better defensive positioning)

Will Bynum +72 (Sorry but I love when that little dude throws down some wicked dunks, plus all the lobs to dre)

J.J. +31

Max +27

Jose +26 (would be much higher if he played for the team a bit more)

side note: well timed three pointers are one of my favs, that explains the next few

Brandon Knight +6 ( I thought it would be lower)

Charlie V. +1 (I REALLY thought it would be lower, I guess he made just enough shots and the ones he missed weren't always bad shots)

Viacheslav Kravtsov 0 (for every block there was a foul, for every dunk there was a turnover. I think he will be better next year, if he gets minutes.)

Austin Daye -4

Kyle -6 (he would have been much higher had he not done such a crappy job to close out the year)

Khris Middleton -9 (good thing he made some shots at the end of the year, it really helped his final score

Kim English -16

Tay -27 (This may seem unfair, I do like tay. When he did something good it just never gave me a reaction, but all the times he would shoot heavy contested shots it brought him down

Corey Maggette -29 (this dude would foul every time someone went for a lay-up, which is not always a bad thing but he would just tap them.... he drove me nuts. I'm glad he didn't play more

Rodney "Stuckey motha fuckey" (it's how he is known in my house to all people over the age of 9) rating you ask? okay but if you are a fan of his go ahead and stop reading -748

I know what you're thinking "Andrew CTBAAF, I kinda figured you made up all those numbers but that just seals the deal, no way Stuckey gets a -748". Although 23% of all stats you read online are made up these are not, but you're right he shouldn't be that low. Really all I did for Stuckey was take a point off for each time he took a shot. I really didn't see one time were him taking the shot (or the weird drive where he yells HEY! when nobody is near him yet he still can't even hit the front of the rim.) was the best option. If Stuckey were an ice cream flavor, he'd be pralines and dick.

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