To all the "trade Monroe" haters

Please read this with a open mind.

Let's start by saying that I, myself, haven't read a single trustworthy piece of news saying anything about the Pistons shopping Monroe, which means that you all should not go whining and crying about it. Don't sneeze before catching the cold.

But, let's CONSIDER that the "interesting meeting" that Joe D had with Josh Smith was about signing him and trading Monroe for Rondo.

First of all, I like Monroe. But you have to consider all the circumstances surrounding him to analyse what to do with him. When you're a GM, your interest should be on leading to a championship, not pleasing a lot of "Mr. Know-It-All" fans. I too wanted to see Burke as a Piston, but I can see now the logic behind KCP's pick.

About 3 months ago, on Keith Langlois' mailbag, I posted a question about the "untouchability" of Brandon Knight and Greg Monroe, and my point was that Knight couldn't handle the ball well enough to be a star PG, but also did not have the size to be a star SG. And Monroe wasn't strong enough to be a C, but not fast enough and good shooter to be a PF.

Does this mean they are not good enough to play for the Pistons? No. That means they are not untouchables. Drummond is, though. Because he's our center.

Apparently, the load was taken from Knight's back. And I think a trade for Monroe should be considered, AS LONG AS THEY COULD GET WHAT HE'S WORTH, value. Nobody is giving LeBron or KD for him, but Rondo is, imo, value.

Besides, let's not forget he's entering the last year of contract. He may LeBron on us, why not?

Rondo, Knight or KCP, Gay or Granger, Smith, Drummond is a VERY good starting lineup. Arguably the best since 04-05.

So, I ask all the "trade-Monroe" haters, what do you suggest that is better? My best case scenario would be something like Jack, Knight, Iguodala, Monroe and Drummond (if they can sign Iggy), or Calderon, Henderson or other FA SG, Gay, Monroe, Drummond.

My point is Dumars is trying to win. It's easy to throw stones at him, but try to understand his logic. Darko was a mistake, but nobody said that at the time. Iverson was not a mistake, BG and CV were.

And finally, what did all the fans say when Grant Hill left and some guy named Ben Wallace came? Big Ben is a Piston God now and nobody cares that Hill retired.

Think about things like that before start complaining...

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