The Big Picture, right or wrong?

Some people are upset. I get it, I am a die hard. I have not missed a Pistons game in years, that includes summer/preseason. I watch them all, I even watch some more then once if my wife is in my ear too much while trying to watch the first time (LOVE you honey!) So I really understand people like (WARNING: this is how I feel and I do not represent DBB, the only reason I use this name is that he is the most visible commenter and is very skilled at articulating his points) Mike. I feel brought down by decisions that effect my team. My energy can get drained to the point of depression. I LOVE my Pistons and don't want people to go around Fucking them up!

To that end I really tried to look deeper into these moves to see if there was a sign of a big picture. I think there is.

Joe Dumars did TWO things very very right.

1. Signing Smith? No not really,I don't hate it but I see the problems.

1. Getting Bynum back? No. I love that dude, and always will, but I don't think he is needed right now.

1. Signing Billups? Nope, wrong again. I see no downside to that by the way, he should be a great addition to the front office and this was the best way to get him there. If he can or does help out players along the way, great.

1. OOOOHHH I know it was the sign and trade for Brandon, right? RIGHT... Just kidding. No, none of the moves by themselves were the things he got right, they could go either way. All together they're not even right either unless you consider one things.

Joe likes his job and wants to keep it. Blame whoever you want for how he has to keep it. Himself, Gores, or the NBA it doesn't matter. For him to keep his job he had to make the playoffs. He made a team that he feels can. I agree that it can.

BUTTT the things he got right. Did you think I forgot?

If you look at the moves he made (I'll go into a bit more detail in a minute) It looks like he made a decision about a few things.

1. Knight is not PGOTF. He traded him, so I think we can all agree he made that decision (unless there's a stat I don't know about) more importantly

2. Drummond is the future of this team and nothing else matters.

That my friends is in a basketball sense a very good move. Do you need a Pippen to play along side Jordan, yes you do. Does it matter if you don't have Jordan, no. So Drummond is priority number 1.

So are you asking how I came to that conclusion based off the moves that were made. Okay I'll tell you.

Keep Drummond happy, and help him "win now and win later". No need to try to build up a team of young guys this year to maybe get some traction in SIX YEARS when Drummond is in his prime. Get him in the playoffs now and let him grow. Put people around him that will get him in the playoffs. I thin that's what Joe did. Not just to save his ass. Joe did it to get them to the playoffs to help Andre grow.

While in the playoffs, maybe some of these bandwagon ass cat fans that didn't go to games last year because they were to busy bitching about the Pistons losing a few years instead of supporting our boys can make it ALL THE WAY up to the Palace and i don't know.... watch a game. You need those idiots to fill seats so our players can feel loved (most of these players are kids, big surprise they are looking for validation and love. Do you feel loved in an empty building?) Get off your asses and go to games. (end rant)... (continue rant) Is it because you can't see the box score and advanced stats from the seats so it must not be worth anything? (new end rant) This is not directed at any person on DBB, mostly at a douche I work with that hasn't been to a game in years and ONLY looks at stats. "we support a winner in Detroit" Right guy, that means your an ass cat.

Does this team fit like a glove, of course not. If you really want to get talented players that fit your system, sometimes you have to just go get talent. Josh Smith is talent. Perceived talent or true talent doesn't matter when dealing with the people that perceive it to be there. I would like to Poll GM's and ask them who would pay Josh what we are paying him. I could think of a few teams that would jump on that.

This team has to be ready for a championship run in 5-7 years... think about that for a minute, until Drummond is ready to lead us, we aren't going anywhere. I love Greg Monroe, but he is not a first banana. That means in all reality Drummond could be the only player on the team when we first START to compete. For everybody that is up I arms, do what I did. Stop, close your eyes, and think about the fact that Andre is 19. It is possible for us to have him for 20 years. Yes at 39 he wouldn't be that effective but who knows what 20 years of advances will do for sports medicine. Andre is 19 years old.

So what did Joe do really? He got some players with talent like Smith. He got improved talent in Jennings. He drafted somebody he must believe has talent, and he brought back old talent that will help with win now, as long as win now is playoffs and not championship.

What about win later? This could go in any number of directions. There really is no way to know. All you can do is look at contract length and make guesses but even that assumes you know which players he want to keep and which ones are place savers (I almost decided to write witch ones to see if people are still paying attention) I don't think it is unreasonable to think Billups and Bynum are place holders, bynum could be fill in for other trades or just a spot to hold some cap space. There really is no way to know.

My closing argument: I love my Pistons like I love my children. (Stuckey is the redheaded stepchild that I beat when I get home from work drunk) If my daughter grows up and one day stabs you with a knife, you did something to deserve it. If Joe Dumars makes a move, he had a reason. Not all things work out, some things could have been better researched. If you do look at Dumars from day one until now, he made plans and executed them, some worked, some didn't. (I have no stat to prove then Karen Davidson played a big part in us sucking for as long as we did, but I believe anyway). I liked most of his plans, even the ones that didn't work (I did say most plans not ALL plans) We have three rings that we would not without Joe. I love my Pistons and with them Joe, right or wrong. That doesn't mean it doesn't hurt when he does things I don't like, but it means I forgive him. I don't want a different GM.

So in conclusion If a signing or trade doesn't work... It's Mikes fault :)

End note 1:No redheaded step children were harmed during the writing of this FanPost. I also don't drink before going home after work.

End note 2: This was done on my tablet and I don't feel like trying to read the whole thing again and look for my many errors. Sorry guys, I know it will only make you read my stuff less in the future

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