Bulls-Pistons Trade Proposal (I Come In Peace)

Hey guys. Yes, I'm a Bulls fan, and just like most fans whose teams aren't the Heat, have been looking at ways to improve our teams now that Free Agency has started.

Let me preface this by saying, I know the Star-Studded 2014 Draft Class is right around the corner and if it was your choice, you (and about half the league) want to tank (understandably so). But with the pursuit of Josh Smith, the serious interest in Iggy, and the recent news of Dumars offering up Stuckey+Villaneuva (expirings) ...for... Gay ($17.9mil, $19.3mil remaining), it looks like Dumars wants to make a playoff push this upcoming season.

Dumars could ultimately end up reversing course and deciding to tank one more season, but let's just continue with the premise that he doesn't and intends to spend the cap space to make a playoff run.

I've come up with a trade proposal and wanted to get your feedback on if my idea was realistic, feasible, and good for both teams.

The Trade

Carlos Boozer ($15.3mil) ...for... Stuckey+Jerebko ($13mil)

Although Boozer is not an All-Star caliber player anymore, and the fact that he doesn't play defense, offensively, he's still productive (16.2pts, .477 fg%, .731 ft%, 9.8rbs, 2.3asts, 32.2min, 79 games, 17.17 PER).

So If He's So Good, Why Are You Trying To Trade Him?

There has been this idea of a '2014 Plan' that's being pushed down the throats of our fans. The thinking was after this upcoming season, Deng's contract would expire, the Bulls would Amnesty Boozer, and we would receive cap space for a max contract to pursue a 'star' from the heralded 2014 FA class. But as us fans looked more closely at the numbers, we've realized we don't have enough for a max contract, and with the recent signing of Dunleavy, it further decreases our cap space. So a lot of us Bulls fans are slowly coming over to the fact that the Bulls might not amnesty Boozer at all (because they don't want to pay Boozer to play for someone else).

So How Does This Trade Help Everybody?

This trade came to me after I saw Dumars go after Gay (I get he's better than Boozer, but he also has a pricier contract) and TOR turning it down feeling is was a "lowball" offer.

CHI might do this because they get an $8.5mil expiring contract and even though Jerebko has 2 years remaining, the salary is at a smaller $4.5mil. This will give CHI some cap space for the 2014 FA chase.

Would DET do this? Similarly to Gay, Boozer's contract runs for 2 years, but at less than what Gay would have cost. Boozer would be that 3rd rotation big behind Drummond+Monroe and would give that scoring punch off the bench. By trading $13mil worth of salary out, DET still maintains a hefty portion of their cap space to try and sign other FAs as well.

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