Michael Beasley for 15th Roster Spot?



Update: Changed the Title after DBB user MultipleLaunchRocketSystem (Thanks MFMLRS) correctly pointed out that Michael Beasley is a SF. Still intrigued though. I'm just saying, that if we take out of the equation that he is a pot-head, and that he is coming off of his worst season, why not have another reclamation project in Dumar's last ride?

There are reports:, that the Pistons are in talks with Jason Collins. Now while it would be interesting to see how the good people of Michigan would react to Mr. Collins, let's face it, for his career the guy has never averaged 7 points or 7 rebounds or a block per game. If the Pistons are gonna hand out the NBA minimum why not have it be for a player that has a few more positives?

The first thing is that it seems Beasley would be looking to play anywhere and could be had for the vets minimum because the Suns owe him money regardless, but we would have to wait for September 1st:

When Beasley is released, the Suns will still owe him $9 million in guaranteed money

If he is released on or after September 1, then his current year is paid as prescribed with the remaining years stretched. With 16 players under guaranteed contracts already, the Suns could easily (and smartly) absorb $6 million of that money this season, leaving only $3 million to spread out over the subsequent cap years. That's the money.
So it wouldn't seem like a pay issue, and we'd be getting a former 2nd overall pick with one skill lacking from the current Pistons front court, Mid Range shooting.

Some Numbers:

Mid Range 12/13 = 38% 11/12 = 39.8% 10/11 = 40% 09/10 = 38.3% 08/09 = 44.6% compared to Josh Smith whose has only broken 38 percent once, while Greg Monroe broke 40 once with the caveat of taking only 117 shots. Beasley has averaged 387 of those shots a season. (According to NBA.COM)

If none of that is convincing read this:, and tell me you wouldn't want this character on your team. Am I right, anyone?

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