The 237th reason I'm crazy

If you missed 1-236 don't worry, they're not important.

REASON 237: I care more about watching my pistons play then I do about them winning the game.

I'm an odd kind of fan, but I don't think I'm alone. Although I know the majority of the DBB community wont agree, I like to just watch the game regardless of outcome. I don't post on here during the regular season (if anybody noticed) because I just want to watch the games. I love the stuff on this site, but it takes away from time I can watch basketball. I watch as much as possible, all pistons games and whatever else I can find now that I don't have league pass (it stole my life, my wife got mad) . Don't get me wrong I want to win, but there are cost I wouldn't pay.

For example, I started this post because I was planning to write a different post and really didn't want to read some of the responses. I was going to write about making the pistons team with any players you wanted. A few rules, you can make any trade with any team without worrying about if they would do it. The salary cap math IS in effect, and you can't trade for 1st round picks still on rookie contracts without sending somebody who also was a first round pick on a rookie contract with a draft range within one year of each other. You could still make a super team this way and it would be fun. Then the fear of Lebron trades came to mind. I can tell you without a doubt if we got Lebron he would replace Stuckey as my least favorite Piston of all time.

I hate (in a basketball way, not real life. I don't know the dude) Lebron with a passion. Before anybody comes out and says I'm a hater because he soooooo good, let me just say I love Kevin Durant. Even if Kevin Durant played in the east and beat up the Pistons, I would still love his game.

So, with the team building post scrapped, (I'm a homer at heart and didn't really want to trade anybody other than Stuckey/Charlie for Harden) I was wondering if there are any players in the league that are considered stars that you would NOT want on the Pistons? Even for free, no trade involved.

My top 5 I would never want on the Pistons:




Paul Peirce

M.W.P he's not a star anymore but he should be on any list that includes players not wanted by Piston's fans.

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