What are you doing, Sheed?


I would like to think that most Piston fans agree that Andre Drummond is likely a superstar in the making. I would also like to think that most Piston fans would love to have Drummond as the cornerstone of the Pistons for at least the next decade if not his entire career. But I'm curious ... what do we want from Drummond?

There is no question about it that last year Drummond had one of the best advanced stat seasons of any rookie in NBA history. Some speculate that he can only get better (especially considering the work he's put in this summer), while others speculate that his rookie season was so good that we should expect some drop off. Personally, I'd be fine if it was just as good as his rookie season advanced stat-wise but with more minutes. However, there are a few things that I've been seeing lately that have me a little concerned (and I admit that I might be thinking too much into it) that there is going to be at least a little drop off next season.

Since the signing of Smith, there have been concerns about spacing issues. Greg Monroe and Drummond aren't a "threat" to shoot very far from the basket. Last year, Monroe had 203 FGA outside the paint, only connecting on 30.05% of them. Drummond had 18 FGA outside of the paint last year, only connecting on 16.6%. However, Drummond was 1/2 from 3 last year. It appears, Sheed is trying to run with that.

From Drummond's Instagram ... (I tried embedding the videos in, but if they don't work, the text links to the pages)

Thank you sheed! #MoneyBall lol šŸ‘Œ @detroitpistons

It just doesn't stop! "Thanks sheed"

I've seen highlight videos (college and high school) on YouTube of Andre not being afraid to take an outside shot. I think I have even seen him take one three in one of the videos and make it. But do we want him doing that? Yes, it COULD open up the floor more, but could this also affect his rebounding?

Now obviously, even with Sheed "helping" him, I don't expect Drummond to hoist more than one 3-pointer a game, if that on average. Looking at from 1946-47 to date, the best 3P% for a center who took more than 10 3-pointers in his career was 46.7% by Richard Petruska in 1994 (his only season). After him, the next three players on that list played 5 years or less. The player that is 5th on the list is Brad Lohaus who played 11 years, shot 36.1% from deep on 1,086 attempts in their career (1.66 attempts per game). There are three other notable players (to Pistons fans) on that list in the top 20: #15 Josh Harrellson (2 years, 32.8%, 1.49 attempts per game), #18 Bill Laimbeer (13 years, 32.6%, 0.63 attempts per game), #20 William Bedford (7 years, 31.8%, 0.11 attempts per game).

As it was obvious as his time went on in Detroit, Sheed loved the 3-ball. After his first year in Detroit, Sheed averaged anywhere from 3.2-5.6 3PA per36 and shot them at a 35.0+% clip every year while with the Pistons. When Sheed left Detroit, he averaged 5.9 3PA per36 with the Celtics (28.3%) and 8.4 3PA per36 with the Knicks (31.9%). But Sheed was a PF that translated his game into a stretch PF. Drummond is not a PF, he's a C. Do we want a stretch C?

The last "superstar" stretch C that I can remember is Chris Bosh. His best season shooting the 3 was in 2007-08 when he did so at a 40% clip having only shot 25 3-pointers. He has one season where he didn't make any of 13 3-pointers. And his career average is right around 29%. Would we be OK with that from Drummond?

Again, I fully admit that I could be blowing this out of proportion. Both of the shots were uncontested in what appears to be not even the Pistons practice facility. But I do have my concerns that if Sheed is "allowing" or encouraging these shots from Andre, he'll likely do the same for Smith. My preference is for Drummond to be as close to the basket as possible at all times. If he can develop a decent 10-15 footer, that's cool. But I'm not sure I want him venturing out to the 3-point line very often.

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