I love to talk about firing Joe D and trading Josh Smith, but let's talk about some realistic expectations for this team.

I'm a first time poster, but a religious reader. There are so many great minds here, I check DBB almost every day even in the summer time. That's why I'm writing this, to get some serious insight into a few situations that I think could use some changes (or are going to change).


No matter what, he'll always have a place in my heart and in my opinion, a Detroit legend. I think the majority of us feel though, that Joe's tenure as a productive GM has run its course with the Pistons. His contract is up after this season and for some of us, we don't even want to wait that long, but my question is this; what then?

Who takes over after Joe is gone? What are the odds that we get someone more capable? How serious is our risk that we end up with someone worse? Would our new GM make any of these moves Joe won't (trading Josh Smith)? Does that reset our credibility with future coaches and free agents?

What are the chances that nothing changes, because as bad as their record, the Pistons are still gonna make the playoffs, so does Joe gets a new contract?


I've always been a fan of Smoove, in fact, I used to want him as a Piston in the pre Drumroe days. That said, when the rumors started surfacing about Joe actually pursuing him, like most of you, I was way against it. After the signing, I decided to support him as a part of my team, I even bought his shirzee. Needless to say, he's been a total nightmare. It's one thing to not make the team better, but does he actually make them worse?

So, what do we do with him? What CAN we do with him? He's got a fair contract for what he can do (we just don't need what he can do and he can't do what we need), but can we actually see Joe admitting that he shit the bed horribly on that signing? What if he does get traded? Do we go for a " win now" deal like Aaron Afflalo, or do we try to acquire building blocks to to help cement our future (Michael Kidd-Gilchrist)?

Is it reasonable to think that Mo Cheeks uses Kyle Singler as our starting small forward and brings Smoove off the bench as a power forward? Does he start Smith at the four and send Moose or Dre to the bench?


Rodney Stuckey has made the most of his contract year as a go to scorer off the bench and one of our best (only) perimeter defenders. So, what does that mean for Stuck? Do we re-sign him to remain with the team that drafted him? Do we trade him to a contender, or do we just let his contract ride out until the summer?

To call Charlie Villanueva's tenure in Detroit a joke would be an understatement. As one of our highest paid players, he has to fight league minimum Josh Harrelson for minutes. When he does see the court, he's a consistent disappointment. So, what can we do with Charlie V? Is his expiring contract enough to convince another team to give us something in return?


Moose has steadily improved his game every season. He's a restricted free agent this year and there more than a few teams that would be willing to offer him close to max money, are we willing to match that to keep him in our young nucleus, or do we trade him? Do we sacrifice our future in an attempt to "win now" or do we keep our promising young front court together at (almost)all costs?


Mo's not solely to blame for our problems on the floor, but he's clearly an enabler to them. The motivation behind his rotations at times have been a mystery to everyone but him. Some could make the argument that he's tanking. So, what happens to Mo? Has he been an upgrade from Frank? Is he a part of our future plans? Has our history of firing coaches before their contracts are up made it impossible for us to hire anyone more capable than Cheeks?

Guys, I am so far from being one of the smartest guys here and most of this was written because I want to hear from those smart guys. Any other questions that you feel I left out are also most welcome.

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