A trade that makes sense (hint hint it doesn't involve Smith or Monroe)

We all know about Detroits 3-point woes. In my opinion it may not seem as big of a problem right now, however, if the Pistons make the playoffs they are going to have coaches scouting the living hell out of them. The playoffs are where the money is made, not the regular season. Don't believe me? The Denver Nuggets went 57-25 in the west and finished 3rd in the conference. They had the coach of the year George Karl. They lost 4-2 in the 1st round and all the regular season success meant nothing and Karl got fired. Needless to say, coaches are going to find the stops.

Here is what I propose: We need a guy who can play the 2 and 3 and be a perimeter threat. I think versatility is key for this to be successful because we have an interesting lineup. The Pistons really don't have a lot of players who can be a backup shooter when Jennings comes out (Datome is still raw and inconsistent, Bynum isn't much of a shooter as he is a driver, KCP is still developing into a player who can score). The way I envisioned this was that the player would be a 6th starter in a sense. He would play around 30 minutes a game (maybe even more depending on how Cheeks would use him) switching between the 2 and the 3 (when Monroe or Smith comes out, he can come in as a 3, when KCP comes off he can play as the 2).

Here is the official trade:


This is a very flexible trade by the way. I don't watch the Wizards so I really don't know how well Vesely has done this season but I just remember him being a bust. If that is too much they also have 2 other candidates that we could trade for. Also, Peyton Siva and Tony Mitchell are also interchangeable. I figure that neither one will get much time, I just like the potential Mitchell has.

Anyways lets move on to the big pieces, Stuckey and Webster. First let me say why I picked Stuckey. He is a 2-way threat of a player. A team will want him for cap space or for talent. We all have to admit that Stuckey has played great in his contract year, and that this is the time to sell high. We also have to admit that we can't resign him if we want to have money for Monroe and Drummond. Secondly, Stuckey doesn't fit our offense at all. I have 2 links as proof. First one is his shooting chart and the second is the rankings for points in the paint (you don't have to scroll down to find the Pistons). While Stuckey has some green areas in the mid to 3 zones, the most he has ever shot in any of those zones was 19 shots. His 145 shots in the paint (and only making 50% of them) dwarves every other zone. Simply said, we don't need 2 forwards, 1 center, and 1 guard trying to score in the paint.

Lets move on to Webster now. If you go back to the rankings for points in the paint, you will see that Washington ranks 20th. Here is his shot chart. Notice how different his is from Stuckeys? He will strive in a team that makes the defense defend in the paint. Not only that, he will add more spacing to make it easier for our big guys to score down low.

Thanks for reading. I'd love your thoughts/ideas on Webster or any other player you think the Pistons could make a run for.

P.S I acknowledge that 1 player (especially Martell Webster) will not make the Pistons serious contenders. However, I feel like 1 player can make a make an impact if he is put into the right position.

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