Before you read this, know that these are purely speculative and only halfway serious. Take everything here with a grain of salt.


These rotations that Cheeks runs make little to no sense. I get that sometimes, he wants to go small ball, but in the third he actually had Jennings, Bynum, Stuckey, Singler and Harrelson on the floor when we were already down double the Jazz. We've been lead to believe that Dumars' job is on the line, but the way Cheeks runs this team and the front office's indifference to it is starting to turn me into a conspiracy theorist. I think they might be doing a better job than anyone at hiding the fact that they're tanking.

When they signed Smith and Jennings, I think their plan was to be a legit playoff team, but with how the season has gone, we'd actually be better off in the lottery than being swept in the first round. What if they're just playing dumb? What if Cheeks is purposely throwing out these weird rotations in the hope that we end up with as many lottery balls as possible?.......yeah, I don't believe he has the chutzpa for that either.


I know I've thought it, I've heard other people mention their suspicions, was Ton Gores actually the one responsible for signing Josh Smith? How likely is it that this guy who doesn't have any basketball credentials really wanted to make a splash and sign the biggest name he could get? He didn't care that the guy who had that name not only didn't fit with our current pieces, but actually was counter productive to the team chemistry? He just knew that he wanted what he perceived to be a marquee star. Someone who could sell some jerseys. IF he did force the Smith signing, what would stop him from manipulating other decisions?

Feel free to bash any of these or to add on as much as you like.

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