How Bad Has It Been?

The other day, I was perusing PistonPowered and saw that Dan Feldman wrote:

"The schedule softens in the next month, and I could see the Pistons at .500 15 games from now."

I had been under the impression that this current "rough patch" had involved losing (and usually losing badly) to some less than stellar outfits. But maybe I hadn't been paying close enough attention.

The Pistons are currently 4 - 11 since December 20th. (Records are as of January 23rd.)

The four wins: Cleveland (15-27), Philadelphia (14-28), Phoenix (23-17), Washington (20-21). In summary, the four wins have been against teams with a combined winning percentage of .436. In other words, not a lot to write home about. Still, if the schedule was rough, there may have been a number of tough losses. Let's see.

The eleven losses: Charlotte (19-25), Houston (29-15), Orlando (11-32), Washington (20-21), Washington (20-21), Memphis (20-20), the Knicks (15-27), Toronto (21-20), Utah (14-29), the Clippers (29-15), Milwaukee (8-33). That's 7 losses against teams with winning records and two more against teams at .500 or a game above. Combined winning percentage of this gauntlet?--.443

The Pistons have gone 4-11 against teams with a combined 278-351 record. That's a hair over 44%. They lost to two very good teams (Houston and the Clippers). No issues there. They beat a good Phoenix team--Huzzah! They took one out of five from very average Wizards, Grizzlies and Raptors teams. They totally beat two awful teams. (Philly and Cleveland) and lost to five others (Charlotte, Orlando, Knicks, Jazz, and Bucks). That's 12 games against awful teams and teams dreaming of mediocrity; the Pistons lost 9 of them.

There's more--the Pistons have averaged 98 points per game over that stretch. (Against the three "good" teams, they've actually scored 103, meaning that it's been a bit lower than 98 against mediodregs.) Points allowed?--about 106 per game. (111 against the "good" teams, meaning that they've been almost example as "competitive" against the Goods as against the Mediodregs.

In short, the Pistons have gone through a very soft portion of the schedule, gone 4-11, and been outscored at a rate that would make them the third worst team in the NBA. (They went 1-1 against the other two.)

Wacky prediction--they ain't gonna be approaching .500 a month or so from now.

This is a downer. Let's leave you with a link that will lighten your load. This is madness, pure madness, pure Muppet madness. It's flat out wrong to use the words "Holy shit!" and "fuckin'" in relation to the Muppets. But...Holy shit! This is fuckin' amazing!

The Muppets: Bohemian Rhapsody (via MuppetsStudio)

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