So Many Things!

So it turns out the Pistons are not good at basketball yet again this year. I was skeptical yet optimistic with the off season they had, but never thought it would look this bad. I knew J-Smoove was inefficient but I thought I he would still be a positive more often than not, whether it was offensively or defensively; that was dumb! I thought if Brandon Jennings could just increase his assists but still keep his turn overs down then who cares if he's scoring not realizing that his assists would go up but he would also have one of his over all worst seasons in every other statistical category. I even thought Chauncey would help! Out of all the things that haven't worked out the two worst for me have been Josh Smith and Mo Cheeks. I didn't know what to think of Mo Cheeks when he got here but of course I decided to go with my theme of the off season "Optimistic!". Now i just think he has been bad! Obviously this team was going to be a challenge, and there has been zero consistency with what works, but that doesn't change some of the strange decisions I feel he has made. Between when he makes changes from the bench, who he has guarding whom, minutes for certain guys(Moose), and what appears to be a green light for Jennings. "We bench J-SMoove for his play but Jennings is still learning so lets just let him do whatever". I don't like it one bit! There hasn't been consistency with the play of the team and there doesn't seem to be any with the coaching as well. Now I do at least appreciate the fact that Jennings really does seem to be attempting to learn and grow but getting a free pass from the Cheeks I feel isn't the best route, he is trying to teach him the nuances of the position by making him pass more but not addressing his scoring, give it to him in smaller doses make more passes and shoot less maybe so he can get comfortable distributing then go from there. I'm expressing this all very simply with out detail mostly because I'm to lazy for research.

So now comes the part where we try and figure out what to do, well really where I suggest absurd trades(again to lazy for real research)(Also please remember I titled this "So Many Things!", that was on purpose I'm not good at a linear thought!)The thing that I love about the DBB community is that you can suggest a Greg Monroe trade with out being chastised for it...Right? In all honesty I do relize a Josh Smith trade would be amazing but value does come in to play so I have a number of trade ideas involving a number of players most of these everyone will hate I'm sure.

The big one

I figured I'd get the Rondo trade out of the way first. Now I truly feel with cap savings that the Celtics would be getting from a deal like this we should get there second first round pick(DraftExpress has around 20) but maybe I under value a 28 year old coming of a acl surgery. But the deal on its own could work with the amount they have in trade exceptions, and having Rondo And Green would be nice.

Number 2

This trade would include the 76ers second first round pick which is a top 5 protected from the Pelicans, which right now would be the 11th pick. Now I place a pretty heavy value on cap money so maybe some of you don't see the Pistons deserving a pick in this deal either but who cares this is my world.

Number 3

Add 2 of the possible 3 first round picks that Phoenix may have all set to be late teens through the twenties. I even think this may be a low on value for the pistons with both Len and Goodwin being prospects still but also has potential and gives the pistons a back up center.

No more Moose trades from here on out

Number 4

This is obviously very unlikely especially with the 3 team trade they just did adding Jordan Crawford but they are trying to win now and Stuckey would have fit perfect since they have almost no one who can attack besides Iggy.

Number 5

There we are rid of Josh Smith! I think this could actually be worth it its a lot of money to take on maybe to much but I still like Shumpert and it makes the 2015 off season potentially interesting with lots of money to be spent.

Number 6

There are a number of other Josh Smith deals that I have seen floated out there and really I like most of them because it includes trading Josh Smith but getting Ben Gordon back and still not having our top 8 protected pick just seems to fun to pass up!

Like I said there are a number of Josh Smith trades that I like but I think I have put enough out there. One team that has actually been reported to have interest in Monroe, the Wizards, I didn't even explore because besides Beal who I don't think they would trade, they don't have enough to make me interested. So that was my discombobulated first fan post full of "So Many Things". Please be kind in the comments, also please comment!

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