Proposal for an Impotent DBB Protest: An Alternative Game (Boycott) Thread on January 5th

'k, these past couple of weeks have been pretty grim. Aside from an unlikely comeback win against the Celtics (which the Pistons actually did what they could to blow it at the end), the guys have blown a couple of fourth quarter leads to marginal teams and been blown out a few times (including by the tank-determined Orlando Magic). Leading the way have been Brando and Smithers, who have been throwing up half-assed shots like there is no tomorrow. (There is a certain irony in this, as if they continue to do so, there will be no tomorrow for J. Dumars, General Manager.)

It's been pretty sick to watch and has created more than a few foul moods among us. Let's get our "revenge". Here's what I'm proposing:

When the Pistons take the floor on Sunday at 1PM against the Memphis Grizzlies, those of us feeling a little more disgusted and tired of the bullshit than most should participate in an Alternative Game (Boycott) Thread. No doubt, many/most on this site will be watching the game, just as they have over lo, these last five really shitty years. And hell--there's nothing to say that the Pistons won't come out and smoke the Grizzlies. And there's the possibility that this has just been a lousy spell and the team starts to put together the pieces a little by the second half of the season.

But for one game, we can enjoy being together in our petulant distaste for the 2013-2014 Detroit Pistons.

Ground rules? Only one really--I'm proposing that no one posting on the Alternative Game (Boycott) Thread watch or have watched a single second of the game, nor seen a score throughout. Want to be with us (or maybe just me?) for a while and then click the game on? That's fine.

All topics are acceptable outside of the current game in progress. Want to talk the team's past and future? Okay. Want to try out ludicrous trade proposals? Fine. Want to talk about other teams? 'k. Want to go off on random tangents about movies, books, history, fashion, music, sesame seeds, or belly buttons? That would work. I suppose since we all want to emerge friends at the end, we should overt political and religious statements alongside the current game on the no-go list. But other than that, I'm proposing we hang out and enjoy the comaraderie (I check and that' show it's apparently spelled, but I still have my doubts) of not caring for a brief spell if the shitty team goes or not that one afternoon.

What will this accomplish? Why, absolutely nothing! But remember back in high school, when there was a teacher who was a total fucker to you and you knew there wasn't anything at all you could do about it, so you gave him the finger behind his back or drew a picture of a penis on the bathroom wall with an arrow coming from it and pointing to that teacher's name? Felt good, didn't it? Didn't change a damned thing. But it felt good.

Anyone with me?

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