Saving my favorite team

Joe Dumars was my favorite player growing up, and brought us a championship nobody saw coming soon after taking over as GM. So its with a lot sorrow that I have to say I've finally given up on him, but it has come to that. So Joe, I and most of the intelligent advanced stat crowd here have been right for the last 4 years and you've been wrong on most every move, so take some advice...

We need to rid ourselves of the Josh Smith contract before its too late. Requirements to do so are:

1) team in "win now" mode (real or imagined)

2) a bad GM or a great coach who believes they can get Smith to trim out the destructive parts of his game and accentuate his positives, and of course

3) matching player salaries.

Scouring rosters there are very limited possibilities.

The straight dumps - basically giving Smith away for other lesser players/bad expirings (all unlikely, starting with most likely).

Brooklyn - Smith for Pierce - one last dumb move by King?? (As suggested by others here)

Denver - but for any number of combinations of flawed PF/SFs and maybe Prof Miller

San Antonio - Smith for Diaw, Bonner and Joseph - San Antonio pixie dust?

Phoenix - Okafor's expiring

The perfect fit

Washington Wizards.

Have a terrible GM, want to win now (and actually can in the East - meaning 2nd round of playoffs). Smith would even be a technically be a good fit at PF for them, as neither Nene or Gortat are real shot blockers or high minute players - that rotation can work. They also have a huge whole at backup PG, and Bynum would fit great in their system as well...

The trade(s)

Smith and Bynum for Ariza, Maynor and Vesely .. works but kind of an "ehhh" for Pistons - probably gets us into playoffs though

If Wizards really want to win now, Ariza has been pretty good, and really isn't that old, so... Can we take advantage of Portor's poor showing so far early in career coming off injury and do:

Smith and Bynum for Otto Porter, Maynor, Vesely, Booker and Singleton - now this would require cutting 3 people CV, Siva and either Harrelson or Mitchell, the last 2 I'd really rather not.

so try to bring in a 3rd team

Utah can take Maynor, Booker and Singleton for Brandon Rush - why would they? Maynor has been a bust this year, but has been effective before in Utah and fits their system as good cheap backup behind Burke. Booker and Singleton give them free looks at young guys with little commitment. Utah also has several really low level end of bench guys who I can't imagine they'd mind cutting.

Now, if I want to be really hopeful - if Utah is not totally sold on Heyward and worried about what they might have to pay him this offseason - would they be interested in adding Heyward for Porter into that swap?

There it is, the trade that at least gives us a chance at having a bright future in the league, and not wasting the dumb luck of Drummond falling on draft day. Of course, we still need to divest our team of Brandon Jennings, but I'll save that for another post.

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