Andre Drummond wins MVP of Rising Stars Challenge

Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sport

Andre Drummond sent a message to the fans and coaches who snubbed him from the All-Star game by putting up a dominant performance in the Rising Stars Challenge and taking home the Most Valentineuable Player award.

It was just an overlooked exhibition game on All-Star weekend, but you could tell from the start that the Pistons' big man Andre Drummond wanted to show that he was a level above many of his peers competing in this particular game. Exxtra bounces in his steps and body bumps in his box outs, Drummond made grabbing rebounds and making baskets look easier than normal on his way to a record performance.

When it was all said and done, after Drummond picked off a pass at half court at the buzzer, the All-Star snub recorded a Rising Stars record 25 rebounds and 30 points in leading his team, Team Grant Hill, to a 142-136 victory.

Of Drummond's 25 rebounds, 14 of them were on the offensive glass, which was three more than Team Webber's offensive total. Drummond also hit six of eight free-throw attempts, including a key pair with 30 seconds left in the game to put Team Hill up by five points.

Drummond's only competition for receiving the MVP trophy was an admittedly far-more-interesting-than-Knight-versus-Irving back-and-forth three-point barrage between Tim Hardaway Jr. (36 points for the losing team) and Dion Waiters (31 points), and the President & COO of BBVA Compass who must have forgotten to glue the crystal star to the trophy base.

The future is bright for Drummond.

Box Score

- Roll Call:

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1 Joe Cool99 60
2 jayod 52
3 garrettelliott 46
4 JWurm 45
5 heWizard 38
6 Mike Payne 31
7 fiendishdr.wu 28
8 kathy.clater.3 24
9 mike223 23
10 Packey 17
11 Goose15 17
12 Loki.Nick 17
13 shags 14
14 revken 14
15 The Boourns 13
16 BandWagonerPaysTheDues 12
17 bugman222 8
18 Kellen Moore Our Savior? 6
19 DreTheNextSHAQ 5
20 FlyMonk321 4
21 Hypnowheel 4
22 RobbG2 4
23 samfredmike 4
24 I Got Munnyz 3
25 shawn.heath.94 3
26 Kriz 3
27 rames 3
28 Sean W 3
29 Rban 2
30 bonerici 1
31 CheerstoLilWayne 1
32 My center jump higher 1
33 grantlp13 1
34 Celtics4Lifeee 1
35 Justin Lambregtse 1
36 IamPAP 1
37 Kornkat2020 1
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