Are the 76ers better off than the Pistons?

Chase Bank has laid off 24,000 employees in the last two years. Their mortgage business just hasn't been very successful as of late due to the rise of interest rates. Although the housing market is rebounding, Chase believed that the era of low interest rates is over for good.

Does that mean they tanked? Or does it mean that they utilized data to make short and long term decisions that are best for their company? I swear, I'm bringing this back to basketball....

The 76ers have been the laughing stock of the NBA this year. During a two-game stretch earlier this month they lost by a combined 88 points. To make matters worse, it doesn't appear their top draft pick from last year will see the court this year and they just traded away their best player. It would seem that there is no light at the end of the tunnel for their desolate squad. Or, maybe, they have decided to sacrifice in the short term to come out on top in the long run...much like Chase Bank.


There's not much to go over really. Thad Young, their current best player is a 25 year old, talented forward who is signed for 2 more years at 9.4M (he's making less than Charlie Villanueva this After Young, their next player with the most experience is Eric Maynor, who is likely gone after he picks up his $2M next year. Nerlens Noel, their top pick from the 2013 draft is still out as a result of his torn ACL that he suffered over a year ago. The last notable...Michael Carter Williams, who is likely the Rookie of the Year.


This conversation starts with their cap room: $26M for next season and $35M in 15-16. They don't have a bad contract on their payroll and probably have their future figured out in the following positions:

PG: Michael Carter Williams, 22 years old (averaging 17/6/5)

SF/PF: Thaddeus Young, 25 years old (17 points, 6 rebounds)

PF/C: Nerlens Noel, 20 years old (averaged 11 and 10 as a freshman at Kentucky)

I know, I know...the jury's still out on Noel. But, his stats were actually better than Drummond's at UConn. If you've forgotten how he plays:

That core has the potential to be dominant defensively, offensively however they would need to fill the 2 and 4/5 spots with shooters who could space the floor. Fortunately for them, $35M can buy some pretty damn good shooters - players more talented than recently departed Spencer Hawes and Evan Turner. Obviously there are a ton of hypotheticals at play here, but as long as their current GM is mostly competent, we can expect Gordon Hayward/Al Jefferson/Aaron Afflalo/Kevin Love pursuits...or similar players. In addition, they should end up with the top pick in this year's draft (Jabari Parker/Dante Exum) and next year's. Of course it's much too soon to identify possible candidates for the #1 spot in the 2015 draft, but the 76ers 2015-2016 roster could at the very least look something like:

PG: Michael Carter Williams (2 years experience)

SG: Gordon Hayward (or another top free agent/draft pick)

SF: Jabari Parker (1 year experience

PF: Thaddeus Young (7 years experience)

C: Nerlens Noel (1 years experience)

They would probably have $10-15M to pay the first two players off of their bench.

Our 2016 Starting Lineup (barring trades or major free agent signings)

PG - Brandon Jennings


SF - Josh Smith

PF - Greg Monroe

C - Andre Drummond

I hope to God this isn't our actual lineup, but given contracts and the impending Greg Monroe extension, this is theoretically the squad. So, looking at these two hypothetical but fairly likely lineups, which would you prefer as a fan? I personally think a future of Jabari, MCW and Nerlens Noel is slightly better than Drumroe and KCP...mostly because Josh Smith and Brandon Jennings don't play for the 76ers.

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