What if every Pistons player had a James Harden beard


Well, first of all, we would shoot approximately 77 free throws a game, but let's get to the action.

Josh Smith has really let himself go, maybe he could let himself go towards the basket more often.

Jonas could store food in his beard to eat while sitting on the bench.

I fully advocate Andre Drummond growing this beard, every great big man has a beard: Chris Kaman, Luis Scola, Reggie Evans, Byron Mullens, and Drew Gooden. Okay maybe not the best idea.

Greg Monroe has had an old man's game since he was 11, why not grow an old man's beard?

Tony Mitchell can grow this beard to stop the confusion between who is the real Tony Mitchell.

This beard on Jennings reminds me of Ricky Williams, if Jennings wants to retire to study ancient medicine I will not complain. You have to do you, and to Jennings that means shoot fade away jump shots like they are going out of style.

Jorts would make a great lumberjack, look at how natural that beard looks.

Never look him directly in the eyes, just don't do it.

Charlie V. looks worse with a beard than he does on the basketball court, and that is saying something.

Chauncey Billups and Rasheed Wallace grow matching beards and become Co-Head Coaches, a man can dream can't he?

You will never notice what a luscious beard Luigi Datome has until you put a James Harden beard on him and notice nothing.

Peyton Siva could pass for 12, but he has the beard of a grown man, it's a juicy contradiction.

KCP grows this beard to look more like a veteran to earn Loyer's respect; Loyer saw he was actually playing defense and he was automatically pulled from the game.

Will Bynum is giving Andrew a run for his money as the worst Bynum. This beard may push him over the top.

Rodney Stuckey needs a beard, he seems to think he's James Harden, why not look the part?

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