a better rotation

How much would a better rotation help the pistons? I have no idea, but I'd like to see it changed anyway. This isn't a give 30 minutes a game to all the rookies post. In fact I've only included two of them in the rotation at all. It's meant to be my view of a "somewhat" realistic rotation. Notes below to explain some things that might seem out of whack.


Jennings, KCP, Kyle, Moose, Drummond: for 6 minutes (3 guys that will shoot the three and have to be guarded to start the game, even if two of them are 33% or under)

Pull KCP

Jennings, Kyle, Smith, Moose, Drummond: for 2 minutes (our current starting line-up)

pull Jennings

Siva, Kyle, Smith, Moose Drummond: for 2 minutes

Pull Drummond

Siva, Stuckey, Kyle, Smith, Moose: for 2 minutes

pull Moose and Kyle at end of Q1

Start Q2

Siva, Stuckey, JJ, Smith, Drummond: for 4 minutes (Andre needs his o rebounds right?)

Pull Siva

Jennings, Stuckey, JJ, Smith, Drummond: for 2 minutes

Pull Smith

Jennings, Stuckey, JJ, Moose, Drummond: for 2 minutes

pull JJ, Drummond, and stuckey

Jennings, KCP, Kyle, Smith, Moose: for 4 minutes

Half time.

Repeat for second half

Total Minutes per player

Jennings 32 minutes

KCP 20 minutes

Kyle: 32 minutes

Moose: 36 minutes

Drummond: 36 minutes

Smith: 32 minutes

JJ: 16 minutes

Siva: 16 minutes

Stuckey 20 minutes

some notes:

1. Of course you can't follow this to the minute each and every game, this is a round about way to split things up. I know there are a high number of substitution, some teams prefer to have a set starting line-up and set bench. I don't find that as important.

2. The two best player play the most minutes!!!! Shocking I know.

3. Stuck with a 9 man rotation, I like that size.

4. Smith only play 8 minutes a game at SF with Monroe still playing 36 minutes a game!!!

5. Moose and Dre share the court for 24 minutes a game 18 of those are without Josh in the line-up. There is always one of the two on the floor... no JJ at center.

6. Jennings and Smith only share the court for 16 minutes a game

7. Yes I know, what about Will Bynum!!!, I'm still in the minority that loves will bynum but at this point in the season lets see some Siva. I'm not impressed with him so far but I'd like to take a look at how he's improved since his D league stint.

8. Some people might want to see more of Stuckey, I don't. I'd take him out all together but I tried to make it some what reasonable. I can't really see josh smith only playing 32 minutes either but he couldn't complain getting 32 could he?

Pretty quick lunch break post. I'm sure there are many things to nit-pick at but I think the main idea comes across, play Dre and Moose more, Smith less, and get a few minutes for KCP and Siva.

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