Intriguing Second Round Prospects For The Pistons

Looking at second round picks I like to find players that can excel in at least one facet of the game, a good example of this is DeJuan Blair's rebounding, or Khris Middletons shooting, Patrick Mills athleticism, or DeAndre Jordan's shot blocking. None are star players but their one elite skill will get them some playing time and give them a chance to develop.

This is my Big Board of Second Round prospects that I think can help the Pistons next season and in the future:

1. PJ Hairston - SG/SF - 6'5" - 227 Lbs. - Texas Legends

PJ Hairston is extremely similar to another player on the Pistons roster, Tony Mitchell; Hairston is a borderline lottery talent, but in college he had the work ethic of a bench warker. Hairston was eventually kicked off the UNC basketball team for his arrests. Character issues are obviously a concern, but it looks like Hairston has gotten his life together. Hairston sports a 6'9" wingspan and has quick hands making him a pesky perimeter defender. He doesn't have great foot speed like Rodney "Chief Lightning First Step" Stuckey:

Although Hairston can make up for his lack of foot speed by his strength at the shooting guard position. Hairston is not a natural scorer in the sense that he can't isolate and get to the basket and he isn't a good enough ball handler or facilitator to run the pick and roll. Hairston's strengths offensively come from his good shooting stroke which extends to the three point line, either off of a catch and shoot opportunity, or off of a pull-up jump shot. Hairston finishes strong around the basket with both hands and his strength inside gives him the ability to get to the free throw line where he is shooting over 86% this season. Hairston has the ability to give you a solid 15 minutes per game as a rookie, and could develop into a solid starter.

OT but there is no way Stuckey only weighs 205, that guy is a beefcake.

2. Aaron Harrison - G - 6'5" - 218 Lbs. - Fr. - Kentucky

I can sum up why I would take Aaron Harrison in the second round in one word, well two words: ELITE ATHLETICISM. A 6'5" Combco Guard with a 6'8" wingspan, and the ability to out jump anybody in college basketball it is a mystery why Aaron Harrison has had such a disappointing season. I could blame it on John Calipari, but the coach can't play the game for his players, although I believe Calipari is a big part of the reason neither of the Harrison's lived up to their potential. I blame Harrison's lack of production on a few different things.

First of all he had to play with Julius Randle, James Young, Andrew Harrison and many other superstar recruits, these guys were not looking to get him involved, they all wanted to get up their shots. The second thing that made Aaron Harrison disappoint was how passive he is, to me he was the best scorer of any guard on the Kentucky roster but he was not willing to try to take the game over often enough. The third thing that disappointed me is his shot selection, his shot selection was so bad that he has to be the long lost brother of Josh Smith. Harrison could have a chance to take it to the basket off of a screen but he'll dribble around and throw up a fade away, he'll often pass up good shots and take terrible shots.

Harrison is not a good finisher right now but he plays above the rim and he should get better with time, his ball handling skills are adequate, and he is not a natural play maker. He can run the pick and roll, but this often ends up with Harrison calling his own number for a pull-up shot. Oh my his shot selection is so frustrating, but then comes another glimpse of greatness, just to see him glide down the court so fluidly making other players look like they are running in slow motion is amazing. On the rare occasion that he sets his feet for a shot and displays his beautiful stroke he must shoot 60%. Harrison is extremely raw and doesn't really know what he is doing but he still carries that All-Star potential that made him a projected lottery pick before the season.

3. Jusuf Nurkic - C - 6'11" - 280 - 19 YO - Cedevita Zagreb

I just heard about this guy and have been trying to find as much film as I can on him, he looks to be a great finisher around the rim, DraftExpress says he is a 69% shooter in the paint. He is an animal compared to the other players in his league, once he gets post position you can't move him, his brute strength is reminiscent of Nikola Pekovic. He has a well developed post game for a kid his age, using a baby hook, a scoop shot, and a step through spin move. Nurkic also has a clean shooting stroke and shot 80% on free throws this season.

There are some negatives to Nurkic though, he can't jump over a phone book, he runs like he is 72 years old, and his IQ of the game is not great, he often wasn't looking while rolling to the basket or he used the wrong post move for the situation. He has Drummond Double play ability due to his quick hands, he often picked a guards pocket in a pick and roll situation and went in for a slam. He needs to stay disciplined though, he averages 10 fouls per 40 minutes, some of this is due to his low IQ of the game and some is due to the fact that he has some of the world's slowest feet and often gets caught reaching because if you bring him away from the basket his defense is horrid.

Nurkic also shows some ability as a big body to clog the lane and block shots, but he is easily fooled by a pump fake in the post. Nurkic is a good 3-4 years from even scratching the surface of his potential, but he has some skills that can be very useful for an NBA big man.

If you would like me to post more just tell me in the comments.

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