Guys who probably shouldn't be here next season.

As frustrated Pistons fans, we do a lot of talking about who we'd like to see come here next season. So, I thought about who I'd like to see gone. Some are obvious (ahem, SMITH, cough SMITH, choke SMIFF), others are a bit heartbreaking because I actually like them as people (from what we know of them), but they just haven't delivered on a consistent basis. Its just been a long time and change is necessary. Let's cut some dead weight.

Here's my list:

#1. Josh Smith: The one-time highlight film-producing dunker and very good player (when he's not shooting long 2's and 3's) is on the definitely downside of his career and he simply refuses to modify his game to keep himself valuable to a team's offensive flow. He's actually the opposite of offensive flow...he's offensive blockage. Enema this guy off the roster, please.

#2. Will Bynum: I've never been a huge fan of this guy, even when he's occasionally doing "good" things on the court. 85% of the time, he's a black hole who only looks to get his. How many games has he rushed to the basket to get a pointless, last second bucket when everyone else is standing around or shaking hands? Embarrassing. I hope to God that somehow he is off this roster come training camp.

#3. Rodney Stuckey: I don't have a lot of ire towards Stuckey. In fact, I used to pull for him like nobody's business. But it has always made me a bit curious that he only plays well at the end of the season or in a contract year. Stuck, its been nice, I was a big fan, but its time to go.

#4. Jonas Jerebko: I like the guy's game (when he plays consistently). I really do. He was another guy I pulled for quite a bit. But, maybe he needs to go and get playing time somewhere else. For his sake. Maybe we'll regret it. Maybe not. The thing is, we just don't know. Selfishly, I'm not in a hurry to see him go, but it probably is time this happens.

#5. Charlie V: Yeah, he's already gone. Only the ghost of Charlie sits at the end of the bench these days. He plays only if we really, really, really have no one else to take up minutes. He was grossly overpaid, but I really hoped he'd do a lot more when he was signed, but I won't be sorry at all when he's gone.What happened to your game, Chuckles?

#6. Brandon Jennings: Let me start by saying I really hope he gets it together over the summer and learns to pick his spots a helluva lot better. He's not a bad distributor to be fair. And he's got a world of untapped talent wrapped up in youthful exuberance. He can be fun to watch and he's got tons of flair (or Swag). Maybe some good shooters around him will curb his trigger-happy antics. But, if he comes back with the same attitude and horrendous shot-selection, the new GM will have to hunt to find a taker for this guy. I highly doubt he'd accept a benching and would most likely become a locker room problem as he pouts.

Who would you like to see off this roster next season?

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