Pistons vs. Bulls final score: More 4th quarter blues

Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

The Pistons dropped a home game against the Chicago Bulls, 105-94, after another woeful fourth quarter.

What happened:

The first half of this video:

Okay, not quite. It was more like everything Sean talked about in this post. The Pistons were down one, 71-70, entering the fourth quarter and they blew it in familiar historic fashion.

What stood out:

Aside from the 34-24 fourth quarter collapse, Will Bynum and Josh Smith's offensive play stood out as crippling. Smith missed 15 of his 21 shots and Bynum missed 10 of his 11 in 16 minutes. The two amassed more than half of the Pistons' misses in the game and 60 percent of the team's misses in the fourth quarter. The rest of the team made 58 percent  of their attempts in the game.

Who stood out:

Joakim Noah did not score a single point in the first half, but he finished with 10 and his sixth career triple-double. DJ Augustin had 26 points for the Bulls, 14 of them coming in the fourth.

Greg Monroe led all scorers with 27 points, 17 of those coming in the second half when he was featured surprisingly often. He took 20 shots, one fewer than Josh Smith, and had twice the makes.


-- Andre Drummond was far from as active as he was on Monday night and he was completely invisible in the third quarter (eight and a half minutes and only a foul to his name). He finished with 15 points on 7 of 8 shooting and seven rebounds, which looks fine on the surface, but he wasn't all there tonight and we know he's capable of much more -- even at 20 years old. (By the way, after Monday's game, Drummond said he was looking forward to getting more touches in the post. That did not happen. Oops.)

-- Despite missing 15 shots, Smith stuffed the stat sheet with nine rebounds, six blocks, five assists and two steals.

-- Jimmer Fredette did not play a single minute. Boy, I feel stupid for thinking he was going to have a big game.

-- There were four technical fouls in the game.

-- The Pistons dropped another game behind the Charlotte Bobcats, but the Atlanta Hawks continue to look miserable and thus, the Pistons are still only three games out of the No. 8 seed with 21 games to play. The Pistons play Friday against Minnesota.

-- Funny enough, the Pistons' loss clinched the Pacers a playoff spot, like they needed the Pistons to lose to "clinch", even though the Pacers lost to the Bobcats.

-- Box Score

-- Roll Call

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