Is a complete overhaul needed?

Growing up, Joe Dumars was my favorite basketball player, not just my favorite Pistons player. When I watched his retirement ceremony, I was very choked up. I felt as though my desire to watch the Pistons had lessened. However, not long after, Joe had a position with the Pistons organization and later became the President of Basketball Operations. I was excited.

Sadly, today, I don't have the same excitement when discussing Joe's connection with the team. I'm so very grateful for the championships that he's helped bring to Detroit. I'm glad that he got rid of the horse jerseys and brought back a modern version of the Bad Boy's jerseys. However, he's slowly ran the team into the ground. I want to give him some benefit of the doubt and assume that just like with most marriages, both parties are at fault (Karen and Tom vs. Joe).

It's pointless in a marriage to list all of the wrongs each side has done as if it will somehow cause the side that did the worst to be apologetic and fix everything. It doesn't work that way. Karen's and Tom's list is considerably shorter than Joe's I'd have to say. Some could say that Joe botched the '03 draft and had he picked up Wade or Anthony that we could have had multiple championships. But that's a "what if" question. Joe spent unwisely on Gordon and Villanueva in '09 and then turned right around to spend unwisely again on two more free agents this past year in Jennings and Smith. Both times he went after page turning names. Their names didn't turn pages because they were highly sought after, but simply because they had some semblance of talent. So far, not one of those players has performed to their paycheck.

Well, Dumars is on his way out whether that be of his own resignation or not being retained. Part of me is sad it has to be that way, but I think the Pistons need that change. But should there be other things that change as well? When Dumars came into the office, he slowly got us out of the teal era by bringing in new but old jerseys. He also ended up dealing the lone superstar the Pistons had in Grant Hill. There were big changes that were made and four years later the Pistons celebrated a championship.

Each of the changes that happened (Joe taking over, new/old jerseys, trades that we looked like we lost at the time) by themselves likely wouldn't have done much to win a championship. But together they changed the identity of the Pistons. Their look was more simple and sleek rather than busy. They went from being a team that was concentrated on scoring points to a team more concentrated on playing amazing and historic defense. Joe was changing the Pistons from a losing team to a contending team with players most teams had overlooked, some by many teams. Well, is that what we need again?

It's almost certain that starting next year (or even before the draft), we'll have a new GM for the Pistons. It's almost certain that starting next year the Pistons will have a new head coach (today's Thursday right?). Should we go so far as to suggest that a uniform change my be needed as well? I'm not exactly suggesting drastic changes, and I believe they wouldn't be able to make that change before next season, but maybe run with the motor city theme or something, I don't know. And since our lone superstar is Josh Smith (at this time), should we end up trading him in what would look like a losing deal? (Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes).

I'm not exactly trying to preserve the "Dumars Era" by doing this as much as I'm trying to get away from it. They had an amazing run as a contender, then they've been running (or rolling down the hill) in the opposite direction. I kind of feel as though a complete overhaul would benefit the fans, the owner (it would really make him feel like it's his, not saying he doesn't already feel that way), the new GM, and likely residual players.

So what say you? Would a uniform change also benefit the Pistons' fans, players, and franchise? I'm pretty sure most of us agree that the GM and new coach moves will be made, and most of us would really like to see Josh Smith and probably even Jennings traded. Are there any other changes (other than a move to downtown Detroit) that you think could/should be made that will help transition the Pistons into a new era?

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