He loves his stars

Gores, who operates out of Los Angeles and is finishing his third season as owner, is a lot like Dolan. What he knows about pro basketball you can probably fit in a thimble, and he loves his stars. That goes for current ones (Josh Smith, who is said to have a direct pipeline to Gores)

This is a quote from Mitch Lawrence of the New York Daily News (you can read more about it here).

Theres so much to think about in this one little comment, but I'll focus this post on the "he loves his stars" comment. Last years free agency period netted us Josh Smith. Which "star" will come to Detroit next year? The Pistons should/could be losing at least 17 million dollars of their payroll with the expiring contracts of Charlie Villanueva, Rodney Stuckey, and Chauncey Billups (to retirement), so they will likely have some money to spend in free agency.

Here's a list of the Top 10 Free Agents According to Hoops Hype (link here). Each player is given 2 ratings, the 1st rating is my personal feeling of whether I want him here or not, and the second rating is how likely he is to come here. 5 is the highest rating, 1 is the lowest rating.

#10 Gordon Hayward 6-8 SF Utah Jazz 16.0 ppg, 5.1 APG, 5.5 RPG, 16.2 PER

Hayward would probably be a good fit in Detroit, since he is a good outside shooter and plays a position of need. However, he is a restricted FA and Utah has like 45 million dollars in cap space next year, so there is basically no chance Detroit would sign him.

Rating: 5/1

#9 Luol Deng 6-9 SF Cleveland Cavs 16.6 ppg / 2.9 apg / 5.9 rpg / 15.4 PER

Deng doesn't seem to be a great fit as he is not a great shooter at the SF position (only 29% from 3). At 28, he is likely to only get one more big contract, so he would probably prefer to spend his time with a contender (which Detroit is not...yet)

Rating: 3/2

#8 Eric Bledsoe 6-1 PG Phoenix Suns 18 ppg/ 5.8 apg / 4.3 rpg / 19.8 PER

Bledsoe is a restricted free agent, so it doesn't seem likely that Phoenix would let him go, but I would love to try him out as a Piston. He seems like he would be a very good fit, and I am personally ready to be done with Brandon Jennings.

Rating: 5/2

#7 Tim Duncan 6-11 PF SanAntonio Spurs 15.6/ 10rpg/ 2bpg/ 21.53 PER

Absolutely no chance of this happening.

Rating 3/1

#6 Dirk Nowitski 7-0 PF Dallas Mavericks 21 ppg/ 6 rpg/ 24.25 PER

Actually think he could be a fantastic fit. We really need a good shooting big. that could actually shoot. But no chance Dirk is coming to the D.

Rating 5/1

#5 Chris Bosh 6-11 PF Miami Heat 16.8 ppg/ 6.8 RPG/ 20.24 PER

Bosh has a clause in his contract that allows him to bolt a year early if he wishes. We already have a cluster at PF and C, so we don't have a need for Bosh. Plus, theres no way he's leaving Miami for Detroit anyways.

Rating 2/1

#4 Greg Monroe 6-11 PF Detroit Pistons 14.7 ppg/ 9 RPG/ 17.7 PER

Gores loves "stars", will he choose to resign his own star in Greg Monroe? The #4 rated free agent in this years class. Probably will be hotly debated on DBB. It is obviously a big decision to make. Keep Moose at 11-14 mill per year to play in a crowded frontcourt? Or sign and trade? Or let him go? The fact that Detroit chose to keep him at the trade deadline could mean that the Pistons are going to resign him? He is a restricted FA, so the Pistons have the right to match any offer that he receives.

Rating: 4/4

#3 Dwayne Wade 6-6 SG Miami Heat 19 ppg/ 4.9 apg, 4.1 rbg/ 22.31 PER

Same situation as Bosh and LeBron. Not coming here.

Rating: 5/1

#2 Carmelo Anthony 6-8 SF New York Knicks 28 ppg/ 8 rpg/ 24.8 PER

I always wonder what would've happened to the Pistons if the Darko debacle hadn't happened. This years Free Agent class of 3 guys the Pistons could've took but didn't (who have now all become stars) is a reminder of what might have been. Carmelo could be a great fit in Detroit. At least on the court. Hes a good scorer and rebounder and he plays a position of need. The Knicks are locked into a lot of big contracts and don't have much room to improve their team through Free Agency next year, therefore, Melo will likely bolt. The Pistons could potentially sign Melo and then match any offer to Monroe thus going over the cap. Or they could sign/trade Monroe. Neither is likely to happen as Melo would prefer to play in a big market for a contender (Bulls and Lakers are the front runners)...but it would be interesting.

Rating 4/2

#1 LeBron James 6-8 SF Miami Heat 27 ppg/ 6.4 rpg/ 6.9 apg/ 29.9

If only Cleveland had taken Darko instead of LeBron....

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