Chicago could rescue Detroit: Off-season Proposal

Bulls Trade:

Carlos Boozer

#16 and #19 picks in 2014 Draft

Detroit Trades:

Josh Smith

#8 pick in 2014 Draft


How the Bulls Benefit?

Chicago has to be in a sort of win-now mode. No one is certain how long D-Rose has left. So the Bulls have to be feeling like it's now or never. Boozer's stats scoring and rebounding stats are at their lowest since his rookie year (13 points and 8 rebounds). The Bull's two picks are undoubtedly valuable, but they would have to feeling incredibly lucky to hope for hitting the lottery and getting a possible star. All of this leaves the Bull's in a place where they can't make a dramatic improvement. That is, until now.

In J-Smoove the Bulls get one of the league's best defensive power-forwards and one of the most athletic forwards as well. Thom loves defense, and a tandem of Noah and Smith would be hard to pass up. Also, with the #8 pick the Bulls have a chance to pick up a legitimate player. I don't really know how it'll play out in June, but I'd assume guys like Marcus Smart and the rest of the second tier ( excluding Wiggins, Parker, Embiid, Exum) will be available. That's also hard to pass up for a team that could compete for a title next year with the possible dissolving of the Miami Heat and return of Derrick Rose.

How the Pistons Benefit?

The Pistons have talent. Don't get it twisted, we have talent. The problem is that none of that talent fits. We have four point guards on the roster, FOUR. We start two power forwards, neither of which truly stretch the floor. It's a problem. The young front-court in place with Drummond and newly resigned Monroe is a great commodity and should be the foundation of the team. Josh Smith needs to go, plain and simple. I don't really need to elaborate, if you know the basics of team basketball and how a team should look and play when it's on the court then you should know that J-Smoove needs to go. KCP could still develop into a solid player, I like him in that regard. I'll probably take heat for this, but I still like Brandon Jennings. People say he takes bad shots, which he does. But maybe if he was given a true scoring option beyond JOSH SMITH he wouldn't feel the need to take deep threes early in the clock . I like Peyton Siva from a fan perspective, seems like a cool dude. Will Bynum can get the hell out.

I don't really know what the Pistons would do with the 8th pick. Do we take Julius Randle? Do we take Marcus Smart? I don't really like either of those options. I actually feel like we are a few solid role players and complimentary pieces away from being at least a four or five seed in the East, especially if The Heat break up. In this scenario we clear Josh Smith off the books and bring in Carlos Boozer for a year. Boozer is still a good player, and with Jonas most likely leaving we'll need another big man. So, I think Boozer could be a valuable player on this roster. Also we give the Bulls our pick for their two later picks. I like this situation a lot better than having the eighth pick. In my mind there are two great players we could bring in with these picks. Nik Stauskas ( who is announcing his decision later today) would be the first pick in this situation. I love this guy. He's pretty close to perfect in terms of an offensive player. His defense is meh, but I can live with it. And with the 18th pick we take Cleanthony Early. If I took a good look at our roster right now, the small forward situation is pretty bad( cue everyone going to comments to defend Singler). Cleanthony Early is good, I never said I thought he was great, but I will say I think he's better than what we have. In the second round I really like Thanasis Antetokounmpo, he reminds me of his brother and has been really solid in the D-league.

In my dream world the Detroit roster looks like...

PG- Jennings, Billups, Siva

SG- Stauskas, KCP,

SF- Early, Singler, Datome, Antetokounmpo

PF- Monroe, Boozer, Jorts

C- Drummond

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