A Case For Aaron Gordon to help bring the D back to Detroit!

Well let's start with his stats FG% .495, 3P% .356, FT% .422, REB 8, AST 2, BLKS 1, TO 1.4 12.4 PTS.

What are people saying about him.

From ESPN -After Wiggins, Gordon might be the most athletic prospect, virtually a clone of Blake Griffin. He plays with a huge motor and is very scrappy. Gordon's lack of size for his position and a shaky perimeter game are the two things that keep him from being ranked higher. He's ranked from 6-14.

From Draft Express-Aaron Gordon has played a key role on 20-0 Arizona's emergence as the #1-ranked team in college basketball, showing tremendous versatility as a defender, passer, finisher and all-around glue guy. He's ranked 8th.

Why I like him, I really would like to see Detroit become a defensive team and that is Aaron Gordon strength. His team defense and defensive rotation is excellent. He has quick feat and is a good at pick and roll defense.He plays with high energy something Detroit has lacked this year. He is the youngest or close to youngest player in the draft giving him plenty of time to develop. He reminds me of a young JJ but more athletic and quicker.

The most obvious problem for Detroit is his lack of offense. He shoots 36% from three, this is problematic for floor spacing. Some people have called him a "Poor mans Josh Smith" I will agree that his game is very similar, but I will argue that Josh Smith abilities is not the problem it is his mental make up. Aaron Gordon is only 18 he has the same weakness's but he has years to fix them, he is considered a hard worker. He does have positives on offense though, he has a good handle and can lead the brake off of RB's going coast to coast finishing with a thunderous dunk. He is unselfish and passes well.

Things of concern for me he could be a tweener, SF/PF mix, I believe he is more a SF but only time will really tell. There's conflicting info on his wing span if it's only average it could limit his ability to finish in the NBA. The last concern is his pore FT shooting makes me doubt his ability to develop an outside shot. But like any prospect there will always be question it is just a matter what you believe that particle player can do. I can give examples of players who improved on all of their weakness's and you can counter with players that have not improved but in the end none of that matters because none of them are Aaron Gordon and he is the only one that can answer them question in time.

Were does he fit on the team? If JJ opts out he could fill JJ's role right away. If Smith is traded and we get little in return, he could easily back up Kyle at SF and still do time as back up PF. I think a line up with KCP and Gordon would greatly improve the defense and take pressure off of Monroe on defense. Having a solid one on one defender who could help contain the high end SF who dominate the league (you know the role J. Smith was suppose to play but without the I take every shot I want whenever I want attitude) is almost required in today's NBA.

I feel he has a high ceiling and will be BPA at the 8th pick. He is not perfect and is not a can't miss prospect but at this range in the draft there are no can't miss prospects.

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