Detroit Pistons 2013-14 player grades: Kyle Singler

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Two free agent acquisitions, one lottery pick, and a full season of Drummond and Monroe, and the Pistons matched their twenty-nine win total from a year ago. DBB staff hands out the credit and the blame in our postseason grades.

Kyle Singler: 3.50

Singler has earned the highest grade of any rotation fixture so far and for good reason. Kyle shot a blistering 38% from behind the long line, did everything that was asked of him as a starter or reserve, was third on the team in Win Shares, and was second in Wins Produced.

Shinons*: Exceeding expectations has become the norm for Singler. It's hard to forecast exactly where he fits in to the team's long term plans. But for his efficiency, steadiness, and versatility, he deserves a strong grade. It's odd to me that fans don't appreciate the overachiever as much as he probably deserves.

Sean_Corp: Singler did not have a great year, but he certainly did everything asked of him and more. He was miscast as a starting NBA shooting guard for much of the season because the team was so desperate for the outside shooting he could provide. But ideally he is a sixth or seventh man, and could serve that role on even a championship level team.
Hopefully, if this team is able to address it's weaknesses on the perimeter through the draft, trades and free agency, then Singler will be able to really flourish as one of the league's top reserves.

Mike Payne: Singler continues to impress. Amongst active 2nd year wing men, Singler was top 3 in true shooting and top 5 in turnover rate. That level of efficieny is something you hold on to tightly and do not let go.

revken: Singler had a rough start, but then became a capable reserve and performed solidly when he was called on to start at shooting guard and small forward. A very good complementary player.

brgulker: If Kyle Singler played for a Playoff team, I think we'd be hearing about him as the unsung hero in the national media, and deservedly so. He's the kind of player that doesn't make many mistakes, plays within his limitations, and everything he does, he does well. He's the kind of productive role player the Pistons haven't always managed to retain, but he should most certainly be part of the Pistons' long-term plans. Make it so, new GM, or Kyle will almost certainly wind up on a Playoff team knocking down corner three's.

What say you, DBB? Are our grades as on target as a Kyle Singler three, or as broke as a Josh Smith long two?

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