What I Want to see this Offseason

I've seen people doing these so I thought I would give it a try with what I would like to see happen in the offseason. I'm not good with figuring out cap room or any of that stuff, so I'm going to leave my suggestions and hopefully there is enough cap room for it all to happen. I could try and figure it out, but I would not know where to start.

The first move I would make is a Josh Smith trade. I would do a Josh Smith for Gerald Wallace trade straight out. I know Danny Ainge is pretty smart and would probably never do this, but it would get them Josh Smith who might be a little more motivated playing with Rondo, and it would get Josh Smith off the Pistons!!! Gerald Wallace becomes CV's replacement at benchwarmer for the rest of his contract. If he has to play I think you could get 10-15 minutes out of him without everything falling apart.

Of course Charlie V and Stuckey expire and I'm also assuming Jonas Jerebko opts out to persue a team that will actually play him.

Of course we match any offer sheet for Greg Monroe and his sweet Moosiness.

I also say to trade Will Bynum for a 2nd round pick. I think there are teams that would be interested in him as a backup and he has a pretty cheap contract. I don't absolutely hate Bynum as a backup, though he can be frustrating at times he also had his moments. However, from what I've seen from Siva recently, I feel like he is completely ready to be a backup. Plus I want to trade Bynum to clear a roster space for a low-cost high potential payoff player. That player is Myck Kabongo. He went to the University of Texas and dealed with a suspension for improper contact with an agent. He is averaging 9.2 PPG, 4.7 APG, and 2 TOPG on 46% shooting and 38% 3 pt shooting in the D-League. They aren't numbers that blow you away, but I am intrigued by him and think he is worth the chance and roster spot.

I would go after Kyle Lowry in free agency. I really like his game and would love to see him in a Pistons uniform. I have no idea what we would be able to offer him or what the market will give him, but like I said I suck at figuring out how much cap space we will have or projected contract figures.

Now on to what to do about Brandon Jennings now that we have Kyle Lowry. I suggest a trade with the Milwaukee Bucks for Brandon Knight and Khris Middleton...I kid I kid (I miss you so much my favorite player ever Khris Middleton). Anyways, I would trade Brandon Jennings for the best offer available. I think we could actually get some value for him with his contract not being completely horrible, but I don't really care. Let's just say the Lakers give us a 2nd round pick because free agency doesn't go as planned and they need to fill out some of their cap space. Jennings returns home and the Lakers get a point guard instead of far past his last legs Steve Nash. Like I said, I could care less what we get for him and doubt this is even a realistic trade.

Oh yeah, I forgot about the draft. I'm not super thrilled with the potential people available at #8. (I am of course assuming we keep our pick.) I know many others would not be ok with this, but I totally would be ok with taking Doug McDermott. This team needs some shooters and that's what Doug McDermott does. I know he really can't do much else, but like I said there really isn't anybody else I am super thrilled with at 8. I also realize this would be over-drafting him, and I suppose we could move back a few spots and take him and pick up like an extra 2nd rounder or something, which is cool too.

Here's where I am at roster-wise so far:

PG: Lowry, Siva, Kabongo

SG: KCP, somebody else (I'm getting to that)

SF: Singler, McDermott?( I don't really know his position so I'm putting him at both forward posititions), Gigi, Wallace

PF: Greg Monroe, McDermott, Mitchell

C: Andre Drummond, Jorts

Extra Players: 2nd round picks we get

On to who to sign to fill out the backup Shooting Guard spot. I would sign either Jimmer Fredette, Anthony Morrow, or Jodie Meeks. All of them are great 3 point shooters, which this team definitely needs.

I left out my coaching and GM hires because I really don't have too much knowledge on either of those, especially GM. I'm pretty sure this all can happen under the cap and we might even be able to sign two of the shooting guards I suggested. It all depends on whether we can successfully dump Jennings and Smith. My new Pistons team does a way better job of spacing the floor, and I feel like it will definitely be a better defensive team (not really that difficult). This definitely isn't perfect, but it is a team I think can be competitive in the East and I would enjoy watching. Let me know what you think. I'm open to criticism. Am I crazy? Does all of this actually work? Any coach or GM ideas? Let me know

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