What's Next?

The sentiment on DBB following Tuesday Nights Lottery results was clear and could be summed up in one word..."F#ck". I've never seen more F bombs dropped on this site in all my 3 years of reading. But it was not without good reason. Even though the draft does not look as good as it once did, and many believe it's 7 players strong while the Pistons were projected to pick 8th. But it was still a chance for a new coach and GM to pick a player that could fit the team needs and help move this team in the right direction. But there is nothing that can be done to change what has happened, the lottery sucks, and Cleveland is lucky or they have it fixed. Either way, the question we are all left with is...what's next?

1. Free Agency: The Pistons do have some significant cap room. According to this article by Sean Corp, the Pistons were projected to have about 9 million dollars left to sign free agents (this allowed for Jerebko, Harrelson, Siva to stay and to pick up a couple roster spots. It also allowed for Billups, Villanueva, and Stuckey to leave). However, the article was allowing about 2.3 million dollars for the Pistons to sign their draft pick. We don't have that problem anymore, so the Pistons should have about 11.3 million dollars to spend. They could go after stars like Deng, Hayward, Bledsoe, or Lowry. Or, they could go after the next tier like Isaiah Thomas, Vasquez, Ariza, or Livingston. Either way, they do have significant cap room. The question becomes, who are they likely to be able to sign? Dumars FA signings in the last 5 years may have been the worst collection of all time (Gordon, Villanueva, and Josh Smith), and the Pistons are still paying for his mistakes. It will be interesting to see how the new regime handles free agency.

2. The Big 3 Situation: Van Gundy alluded that the Pistons would not start all 3 big men together like they did last year (thank God!). He did say he could see them playing together in situations. He also said he had great respect for Monroe. Van Gundy seems to specialize in working with big men. Working with Monroe and Drummond together could be an ideal situation. What will the Pistons do with the 3 bigs? The choice for the Pistons is clear, its one of these 3 options:

1. ReSign Monroe. One of the 3 Big Men (Monroe, Smith, or Drummond) would have to come off the bench.

2. Sign and Trade Monroe. Likely clearing the way to start J. Smith at PF with Drummond at C.

3. Trade Josh Smith and resign Monroe. Monroe starting PF and Drummond C.

Without the potential to pick up a quality big in the draft, it doesn't seem likely the Pistons would let Monroe leave without matching an offer. It also doesn't seem likely that the Pistons would move both Monroe and Smith.

Alright DBB, play the role of GM, what do you think will happen next?

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