Orlando Pro Summer League 2014 schedule released

Seamus Payne

Orlando summer league actions tips off on July 5.

The Detroit Pistons are returning to the Orlando Pro Summer League July 5-11 as one of ten teams to do battle in the cramped Orlando Magic practice facility. On Thursday, the Magic released the schedule, which hopefully is conducive to Mike Payne's schedule, so we can get more absolutely amazing inside looks at the Pistons like we did last summer -- no pressure, MFMP! Whether or not we have one of our own there, games are usually on NBA TV or available online.

Pistons summer league schedule:

Saturday, July 5th

3 PM: Detroit at Houston

Sunday, July 6th

3 PM: Memphis at Detroit

Tuesday, July 8th

5 PM: Miami at Detroit

Wednesday, July 9th

7 PM: Boston at Detroit


Full Schedule:

Saturday, July 5th

9 AM: Brooklyn at Indiana

11 AM: Oklahoma City at Boston

1 PM: Orlando at Philadelphia

3 PM: Detroit at Houston

5 PM: Memphis at Miami

Sunday, July 6th

3 PM: Memphis at Detroit

5 PM: Philadelphia at Oklahoma City

7 PM: Miami at Brooklyn

Monday, July 7th

3 PM: Indiana at Boston

5 PM: Houston at Orlando

7 PM: Oklahoma City at Brooklyn

Tuesday, July 8th

3 PM: Orlando at Memphis

5 PM: Miami at Detroit

7 PM: Houston at Philadelphia

Wednesday, July 9th

3 PM: Indiana at Oklahoma City

5 PM: Philadelphia at Brooklyn

7 PM: Boston at Detroit

Thursday, July 10th

3 PM: Indiana at Miami

5 PM: Boston at Orlando

7 PM: Memphis at Houston

Friday, July 11th (Championship Day)

8 AM: 6th place at 5th place

10 AM: 4th place at 3rd place

12 PM: 2nd place at 1st place

2 PM: 8th place at 7th place

4 PM: 10th place at 9th place

The format for how this thing shakes out (and schedule) are via Orlando Pinstriped Post:

The same championship format which debuted in 2013 will be in place for 2014: teams earn four points for winning a game and one point for winning a quarter; in the event of a tied quarter, both teams receive 0.5 points, meaning each game is worth eight points in the standings.

The first standings tiebreaker is point differential. The second is total points allowed. In the event that neither of those two measures breaks a tie, the teams will rely on a coinflip.

Now your thoughts.

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