Pistons survey for next season

With all the interesting subplots for next year, I thought I'd get some opinions from the experts. But they're busy over at bleacher Report so I'll try here instead....

which player will benefit most from the hiring of SVG?

1) Andre Drummond

2) Brandon Jennings

3) KCP

4) Josh Smith

5) Greg Monroe

What will be the most interesting relationship for next year?

1) Josh Smith and SVG

2) Andre Drummond and Mallory Edens (could happen)

3) Brendan Malone and Barbara Eden (bound to happen)

what will Josh Smith's role be?

1) Sixth man of the year candidate

2) Malcontent bench rider

3) Unproductive reserve big

4) A starter on another team (because they're all clamouring for him right?)

what will we see from GiGi?

1) A sharpshooter off the bench

2) A shit shooter off the bench in blowouts

3) The Italian League MVP (in Italy after a buyout)

Who makes the biggest leap forward?

1) Tony Mitchell

2) KCP

3) Peyton Siva

4) Andre Drummond (post moves, free throws, defence, the 3 rebounds he didn't grab last year)

The first year of the SVG era will end with...

1) A playoff spot

2) improvement and a lottery pick

3) Regret / mutiny / buffoonery / I don't want to think about that

Rodney Stuckey will be...

1) a valuable reserve for the Pistons on a reasonable wage

2) A valuable reserve on a contending team

3) someone else's problem

Im most looking forward to...

1) Defensive improvement

2) More cohesion on the court

3) The team being gutted and rebuilt around Drummond

4) Progress in any form

Our biggest FA need is...

1) a defensive minded PG who can shoot

2) Shooting, regardless of position

3) a better starting wing

4) Defence, regardless of position

My hope for CB is that he will be...

1) A Pistons benchwarmers and leader

2) A pistons front office exec or assistant coach

3) Another team's front office exec or assistant coach

I'm clearly bored and put no thought into this... But hey, I'm excited for the new year and anyone else who cares is asleep.

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