Foreign Small Fowards Yes Please

Even though we haven't made it to the lottery drawing I thought I'd put my two cents in on who the Pistons should pick if they wind up with the 8th and 38th picks in the draft.

Dario Saric 2013 NBA Draft Scouting Report Video (via DraftExpress)

Various mock drafts have us taking Dario Saric the 20 year old, 6-10' 223 lb, SF/PF prospect from Croatia whose current team is Cibona Zagreb of the Adriatic League. Saric first came to our attention in 2013 he was a guy playing 23 minutes and getting 7.7 points, 6.1 rebounds, 2.1 assists to 2.3 turnovers, and shooting 36.8% overall and 30.3% from the 3.

I can't tell you about Saric any better than draft express's 2013 video can above. But here are the highlights:



Court vision



Alligator arms 6-10' and arm length 6-10'

Limited athleticism for perimeter and not strong enough for the post

Inconsistent shot from long range

Limited explosiveness to finish at the rim

Head Case: Fights with his father, who played with Drazen Petrovic and coached Petrovic's son Dana, and a DUI.

That was 2013, now we are in 2014 and Saric has made a name for himself winning, by upset,the Adriatic League final. In 2014 his numbers have gone up to 16.7 points, 9.7 bounds, 3.2 assists to 3.4 turnovers, and shooting 49.7 percent overall and 34.5 from, three. Now Draft Express has this video from the Finals, basically take all the weaknesses from the last video and eliminate them.

Dario Saric Adriatic League Final Four Breakdown (via DraftExpress)

Now what do we have, a Foward who for two games played out of his mind against lesser talent, or a guy who is hitting his stride? I'm not sure but I'll try to alleviate some of those fears with other's words. Basically the people who are pro Saric feel a move from PF which he was playing with Cibona, to SF (even in the NBA) would improve things for him.

Per Joesph Nardonne at SI's Fansided:

Only 20-years-old, Saric’s body development is going right on track with a player you would want to be able to go under the boards. Now a muscular 223-pounds, Saric started off a tall but skinny player. With the NBA has his goal, Saric clearly made strong efforts to beef up in an effort to not only be able to play under the basket, but withstand the battering a professional basketball schedule encompasses. Saric has to deal with a teammate, a point guard mind you, who constantly hurls 30-foot three-pointers as if that is a thing he should be doing. He’s also met with constant double teams, clear hacks of the arm and defenders attempting to push him around as if Saric were a soft player. None of which seems to phase the former 2012 FIBA Europe Under-18 gold medal winner.

And from our fellow SB Blogger for the Celtics Kevin O' Conner:
Saric's three-point stroke was especially on point, shooting 8-for-16 in the Final Four. When spotting up, the 20-year-old Croatian displayed good technique by utilizing the hop to elevate and get the shot off quickly. Though the ball occasionally comes out flat (which may explain his poor free throw percentage), it seems to be a correctable problem since his mechanics are very smooth. Saric is definitely a better defender than I originally gave him credit for, but it's still difficult to project his position in the NBA. Since he lacks potential as a pick-and-roll rim protector due to his lack of length and size, I'm led to believe that he should defend the three. Even though Saric's poor lateral quickness may be problematic, this role will highlight is intelligent instincts as a "shower" on the pick-and-roll, and he'll be in a better position for more weakside blocks. No matter where he plays, he may struggle individually as a defender, but the team defense may be better off with him as a three, as it emphasizes his strengths.

As a competitor Saric's Euro Swagger is interesting and tells me he could be one of the leaders this team needs.
Before the game, I said that we will come here like Olympiacos did as underdogs and became Euroleague champions. You can say that I was born as a winner, but I believe that you are producing a winning mentality on your own. In my case when I was 12, I got this spirit and I believe that I will win each game. In three to four weeks approximately, I will know where I will play next. Whatever I decide, the NBA will always be my dream. All guys who are in this draft this year, Parker, Wiggins, etc, would not be able to do with this team, what I did this season. From
There you have it MFMBF84's Bandwagon pick, get on this wagon! Also it would be great to get Michigan's Croatian population involved as fans, and they are here, here is proof:

2nd round: Damien Inglis

I know I know why would we take another SF? Because this guy is too intriguing to pass at up here are the stats via Marcus Spears on Yahoo:
Inglis, 18, started for the World Team against the United States Junior National Team during the recent Hoop Summit in Portland, Ore. He averaged 4.7 points and 3.5 rebounds in 15 minutes while shooting 38.7 percent from 3-point range through 26 games this season for Chorale de Roanne Basket. At 6-foot-8½, 240 pounds, he has a 7-3 wingspan and a 8-11½ standing reach that combines to give him intriguing size and length as a defender. Several NBA scouts have told Yahoo Sports they are most attracted by Inglis' defensive ability. Inglis said he has no NBA buyout with Chorale de Roanne Basket. Inglis- "I want to develop my game with a good team who is very interested and focused on me," Inglis told Yahoo Sports. "I want to play in the league next year but it depends. I don't really want [to] take my name out."

I don't know about you but that is the kind of Tony Mitchell potential I want waiting in the wings in a draft and stash or my vote, as one of the marquis players for the GRAND RAPIDS BLUE RACERS! Along with Tony Mitchell. Video NOW! "OK OK"

Damien Inglis (via Robert White)

There you have it Croatia and France coming together for one Beautiful Draft!

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