NBA All-Defensive teams: Andre Drummond only gets 1 vote?

Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sport

Ok, I know Andre Drummond does have some work to do on the defensive end. However, this seems inconceivable.

2014 All-Defensive Teams

Drummond's name is in the page twice:

Noah, who appeared in 80 of Chicago's 82 games, ranked sixth in the NBA in rebounding (11.3 rpg), 12th in blocks (1.51 bpg) and added 1.24 steals. He was one of just three players (Detroit's Andre Drummond and New Orleans' Anthony Davis) to average at least 10.0 rebounds, 1.5 blocks and 1.2 steals.

And later in the "Other players receiving votes":

Other players receiving votes, with point totals (First Team votes in parentheses): DeAndre Jordan, L.A. Clippers 63 (14); Anthony Davis, New Orleans, 62 (18); Tony Allen, Memphis, 60 (17); Tim Duncan, San Antonio, 45 (12); Dwight Howard, Houston, 26 (6); Taj Gibson, Chicago, 21 (2); Mike Conley, Memphis, 21 (5); Ricky Rubio, Minnesota, 19 (5); Lance Stephenson, Indiana, 14 (3); P.J. Tucker, Phoenix, 13 (2); Kevin Durant, Oklahoma City, 10 (2); Kyle Lowry, Toronto, 10 (3); Eric Bledsoe, Phoenix, 9 (1); Marc Gasol, Memphis, 8; John Wall, Washington, 8 (1); Thabo Sefolosha, Oklahoma City, 8 (1); Kirk Hinrich, Chicago, 7 (2); Trevor Ariza, Washington, 5 (2); Avery Bradley, Boston, 5 (1); Russell Westbrook, Oklahoma City, 5 (1); Klay Thompson, Golden State, 5; Andrew Bogut, Golden State, 4; Chris Bosh, Miami, 4 (1); Luol Deng, Cleveland, 4 (1); Wesley Matthews, Portland, 4 (1); Tony Parker, San Antonio, 4 (1); Nicolas Batum, Portland, 3 (1); Stephen Curry, Golden State, 3 (1); Danny Green, San Antonio, 3 (1); Michael Kidd-Gilchrist, Charlotte, 3; Shaun Livingston, Brooklyn, 3 (1); Victor Oladipo, Orlando, 3 (1); DeMarre Carroll, Atlanta, 2; Matt Barnes, L.A. Clippers, 2 (1); James Harden, Houston, 2; George Hill, Indiana, 2; Jeff Teague, Atlanta, 2; Dwyane Wade, Miami, 2 (1); Kemba Walker, Charlotte, 2; David West, Indiana, 2; Arron Afflalo, Orlando, 1; Corey Brewer, Minnesota, 1; Michael Carter-Williams, Philadelphia,1; Darren Collison, L.A. Clippers, 1; DeMar DeRozan, Toronto, 1; Andre Drummond, Detroit, 1; Monta Ellis, Dallas, 1; Danny Granger, L.A. Clippers, 1; Draymond Green, Golden State, 1; Reggie Jackson, Oklahoma City, 1; David Lee, Golden State, 1; Paul Millsap, Atlanta, 1; Rajon Rondo, Boston, 1.

Here's what I don't understand. How did Anthony Davis receive 62 votes (18 first place votes) and Andre Drummond only receive 1 total vote? I mean really. Other than blocks and points, Davis and Drummond aren't far off.

Stat Andre Drummond Anthony Davis Joakim Noah
ORB 4.3 2.8 3.4
DRB 6.5 6.3 6.1
TRB 10.8 9.1 9.4
STL 1.1 1.3 0.9
BLK 1.6 2.3 1.5
ORB% 16.8 10.2 13.0
DRB% 27.6 23.4 22.9
TRB% 22.0 16.7 18.0
STL% 2.1 2.1 1.5
BLK% 4.7 6.0 3.7
DRtg 103 104 99
DWS 5.8 5.5 6.6

However, looking at Synergy, comparing A. Davis to A. Drummond, it does show A. Davis possibly being a better overall defender than A. Drummond.

Defensive Play Anthony Davis Andre Drummond
%Time Number PPP Rank %Time Number PPP Rank
Isolation 16.9% 108 0.73 71 10.3% 59 0.93 219
P&R Ball Handler 3.1% 20 0.8 - 0.3% 2 1 -
P&R Roll Man 12.7% 81 0.79 26 17.3% 99 0.99 90
Post-Up 32.1% 205 0.81 100 40.7% 233 0.76 64
Spot-Up 30.7% 196 0.97 186 28.4% 163 0.93 128

I have no problem admitting that Anthony Davis is the better defender when compared to Andre Drummond. However, I don't think (and I could be wrong) that he is so much better that Drummond only gets 1 vote. How much of this has to do with how horrible it was to watch the Pistons this year? How much of this has to do with the Pistons record (though NO only won 5 more games than we did)? How much of this has to do with the fact that Davis is a better offensive player (for now...)? I know, I'm probably making a much bigger deal of this than it should be, but it feels so wrong. Anyways, what are your thoughts?

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