Gordan Hayward would be perfect for Detroit

But the Jazz have said they will match any offer. I think he's almost everything this team needs. Outside shooting, playmaking, rebounding, and even a little bit of defense. Other than that, unfortunately there's not much available that will help this team. We need a shooting guard that can...shoot. Lance stephenson is a SF, not quick enough to guard 2's, and not a great shooter. He also needs the ball in his hands, which wont work with BJ. (who needs to be traded that for another post)

Nick Young is a bench player. You bring him in, he'll score points. But if you start him, he will kill you with TOs, and dumb plays. We already have enough of that.

CJ Miles, great shooter, horrible rebounder, horrible defender. We also don't need that.

I can see the Pistons trying to go after anti-climatic guys like Jodie Meeks and Evan Turner. But IMHO those guys will not help us win.

So what to do?

A trade is really the only option to improve this team this year. Your best assett is Greg Monroe. He's a top center in this league. A coveted position. But I maintain that Monroe Drummond and Josh Smith cant coexist. Off the heels of last year, few teams want josh Smith (he has a ton of talent still). But almost every team (including the Spurs) needs a young center. I think we can get more back with Monroe.

Guys like Rudy Gay and Demar Derozan (not as far fetched as you think) would put this team squarely in the ECF.

A lesser known Wesley Matthews would help, but the salaries are way off. If Golden State wanted Kevin Love, would they consider Moose? Klay Thompson for Moose and compensation is a fair trade. Again centers are always going to command more. Monroe can be a 20-10 guy on another team without a PG jacking up 3s whenever he wants to.

Bottom line is, as much as Dumars was maligned about his FA choices, if you go out and spend all your money on guys like Jodie Meeks and Luol Deng, you're going to have similar pedestrian results.

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