Josh Smith...Our Sixth Man?

Should Josh Smith be our sixth man? Yes

I think Josh Smith should be our sixth man. If we try and trade him we will not get compensated well for him AT ALL. His skill set is perfect for the role. He is a good ball handler for his size, he is a very good near great passer, he can handle ball handling duties, he can score usually on anybody, and he can be an elite defender when he wants to be. He is that do it all guy that would be perfect for coming off the bench.

This is how I vision it, and please in the comments you can add or edit this part because i'm not even close to a basketball coach. I think he can play with either Drummond or Monroe, bring him on in the second quarter, take out one of our two big men that's already in and run the offense through him. If it's him scoring or passing or dribbling the ball up the court, he really can do It all. Whenever we need to give one of our bigs a break put him in.

Now there are flaws to him being our sixth man. First let me say, NO WAY SHOULD THE THREE OF THEM BE PLAYING AT THE SAME TIME. No, just no. One flaw is if Josh Smith's ego can get out of the way. He can easily say trade me I do not want to come off the bench. Another flaw I see if he accepts the sixth man role is the end of the 4th quarter. Usually when teams have a sixth man, their sixth man gets put in with the starters with 5-7 minutes left in the game. We can't afford to do that. Will Josh Smith be happy no playing the final minutes of the game? I don't think so.

If Josh Smith is our sixth man we need a starting SF. I really like PJ Tucker. We can get him fairly cheap. Hustles, defends, shoots threes. Perfect. He sounds like a Detroit Piston. We don't need to play him big minutes. 20-25 a night should do.

We should snag up Anthony Morrow to replace Stuckey as our backup 2 guard. I think we should trade Will Bynum to a team for a future pick. I think we should pick up Chauncey's contract and make him our backup PG (I am the biggest fan of Chauncey so i'm totally not being objective, If he retires or takes a coaching gig keep Bynum.) With our second round pick I'd like to see us add depth at our center position with Michigan's own Mitch Mcgary. Also sign Marshon Brooks to a minimum contract. The kid can play and if we have an injury he could be a big surprise.

Here's what I think our depth chart should look like

Owner: Tom Gores

General Manager: Jeff Bower

Head Coach: Stan Van Gundy

PG: Brandon Jennings / Chauncey Billups / Peyton Siva
SG: Kentavious Caldwell-Pope / Anthony Morrow / Marshon Brooks
SF: PJ Tucker / Kyle Singler / Gigi Datome
PF: Greg Monroe / Josh Smith / Jonas Jerebko
C: Andre Drummond / Josh Harrlleson / Mitch Mcgary

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