NBA free agents 2014: Updated Scenarios for Greg Monroe

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So I ventured into foreign parts of SB Nation and came across the Cavaliers blog, entitled "Fear The Sword" (Ok, I admit it, I go on there quite regularly, but only for news on Matthew Dellavedova, who lit the Pistons up for 21 points last season, as I myself am also an Australian like him). Anyway, on it I found a series of articles by one user about possible locations for Kevin Love. Now I'm not going to do a three part series like he did, but I will run through the rest of the league and see what teams may or may not interest the Pistons in a potential sign and trade were it to occur.

Also, I looked it up, and you are able to trade two RFAs in a sign and trade, so Monroe for Eric Bledsoe is possible, if not redundant due to our 86,000 PG on the roster. And another thing, due to our roster status (I'm assuming Siva and Harrellson are sadly cut), we may need to go 2 for 1 or 3 for 2 and so on. The most likely player in my opinion is Will Bynum, due to his expiring contract and general hero-ball play likely resulting in him being behind Jennings and Augustin.

List of Teams and Degree of Interest

San Antonio Spurs - The only real assets they have are either untradeable until December 15 (Patty Mills and Boris Diaw), or a few years away from retirement (Duncan, Ginobili). Their only real mouth-watering asset is Kawhi Leonard, but there is no way San Antonio does this, as he is a Finals MVP. In all truth, Monroe fits really well in the Spurs system, as a passing big from the high post, but they just don't have the assets to get it done.

Miami Heat - They have 7 players contracted at the moment. Five are recently signed FA (Granger, McRoberts, Chalmers, Andersen and Deng), the other 2 are Norris Cole and Justin Hamilton. I don't think Shabazz Napier is contracted yet, but I'm a little tired of undersized point guards. No thank you.

L.A. Lakers - (Left blank in representation of Lakers' serious lack of assets, plus we already stole Jodie Meeks.)

L.A. Clippers - Would he play in front of Blake Griffin and DeAndre Jordan. No. Should he play in front of Blake Griffin and DeAndre Jordan. No.

Chicago Bulls - Noah + Gasol + Gibson + Boozer (somehow still on roster) = No Monroe for you. Also his lack of defense may cause Tom Thibodeau to go into cardiac arrest.

New York Knicks - Big round of applause for somehow getting rid of the worst starting PG in the league in Raymond Felton, but finding the salary space to incorporate Monroe around this jumbled mess of Carmelo Anthony, J.R. Smith and Amare Stoudemire is a trick too much for Wizard Jackson and Rookie Fisher.

Oklahoma City Thunder - They have some good young pieces in Steven Adams, Jeremy Lamb and Perry Jones III, as well as Spencer DInwiddie's Colorado mate Andre Roberson. Also, I don't doubt Monroe would start in front of Kendrick Perkins, but I just don't see a scenario which would be beneficial for the Pistons, as Monroe, Bynum and Singler for Lamb and Adams likely doesn't stack up financially, even if this would be a decent deal.

Boston Celtics - Flirtations with the Celts last year regarding Rajon Rondo have since died down, as well as talk of a potential Jeff Green for Josh Smith trade. The Celtics don't really have much to interest us since signing Avery Bradley to a 4 year deal earlier in free agency, unless maybe something revolving around Green for Monroe and Bynum. Then again, Green is 28 next month, Monroe is 24.

Toronto Raptors - Interesting. Before signing Jodie Meeks and the emergence of KCP in summer league, this may have been an interesting deal. Monroe and Bynum for DeMar DeRozan. Raptors get a legitimate frontcourt mate for Valanciunas, as well as a serviceable backup for Kyle Lowry and Greivis Vasquez, while Detroit would add elite perimeter defense and athleticism, with DeRozan's only problem being a developing jump shot. However, after our roster moves, this appears unlikely.

Indiana Pacers - As good a team as they are, the Pacers literally have nothing to offer. Paul George is untouchable, Roy Hibbert is redundant next to Andre Drummond, plus he is overrated as well (in my opinion), David West is old, George Hill has been exposed since leaving the comfort of the Spurs system (laughing now, anyone remember they gave Hill up to Kawhi Leonard, Indiana probably takes that back in a heartbeat now), and Lance Stephenson is an unrestricted FA. The bench is a ragtag bunch of misfits, of which we already have our own bunch.

New Orleans Pelicans - "Can we have Anthony Davis?" "No." "Ok, thanks for your time." *Hangs up phone*

Houston Rockets - All of Houston's players are either incredibly expensive (Harden, Howard) or unproven investments in potential (Jones). Actually, I just listed three players, the same list which carries even remotely any value, as Houston have severely screwed themselves after letting Parsons walk after declining his $1 million option. Is someone on #DumarsWatch in Space City?

Brooklyn Nets - The Nets couldn't afford to sign me up, and I'm an 18 year old white boy from Australia.

Dallas Mavericks - They could've used a legitimate center next to Nowitzki, until they traded for former star Tyson Chandler. Add to that the snaring of Chandler Parsons, and there's not much else the Mavs can offer.

Golden State Warriors - The Warriors have assets. Interesting assets. Assets named Harrison Barnes, Klay Thompson and Draymond Green. Unfortunately, they also have David Lee and Andrew Bogut, a seamless offense-defense big pairing, thus ruling out any Monroe interest. Plus, they like Kevin Love.

Cleveland Cavaliers - Andrew Wiggins, Dion Waiters and the reincarnation of Anthony Bennett are all interesting assets, plus there has been rumours of Cleveland interest in Monroe, as they need a legit center. If the Love attempt fails, don't be surprised to see them chase Monroe, but our roster situation makes this a bit tricky.

Portland Trailblazers - Possibly the best fit, until they screwed us all over by signing Michigan native Chris Kaman. A Batum for Monroe swap would have been mutually beneficial, but that door seems closed now that they have a solid big rotation of Aldridge, Kaman and Lopez.

Washington Wizards - Short of John Wall and Bradley Beal, there is nothing remotely interesting about this team in a trade.

Charlotte Hornets - Saved of their own stupidity by the equally unintelligent Utah Jazz in giving Gordon Hayward a max contract, the Hornets have no real assets that would be intriguing to the Pistons. Their two best players, Kemba Walker and Al Jefferson, occupy the Pistons two deepest positions, therefore ruling Charlotte out. Then again, knowing Michael Jordan, they're never really out.

Philadelphia 76ers - The 76ers aren't trying to win. Greg Monroe would help them win. Greg Monroe is not going to the Philadelphia 76ers.

Sacramento Kings - If they had taken Josh Smith off our hands then we wouldn't be in this current situation would we? Nonetheless, the Kings have a collection of good players, who, like the Pistons, don't fit together. However, our greatest interest was in Zeke Jr, Isaiah Thomas, effectively leaving Sacramento to sort out their own mess, which could be deepened if Rudy Gay signs an extension (like seriously, how is he a max player? Josh Smith deserves the max before he does...well, maybe not).

Atlanta Hawks - Atlanta doesn't have a true starting center, with Al Horford reportedly preferring PF. However, the starting frontcourt of Horford and Paul Millsap is too good to break up from the Hawks perspective, plus there is nothing that would interest the Pistons (except apparently Cartier Martin).

Phoenix Suns - They've just signed Isaiah Thomas, meaning they could be preparing to let Eric Bledsoe walk. Were it not for his recent injury history plus our absolute stockpile of point guards, I'd pursue this avenue, unless Bynum is included in the deal (unlikely considering Phoenix also have a clusterf**k at PG with Dragic, Thomas, Tyler Ennis and Ish Smith, before adding Bledsoe.

Milwaukee Bucks - For who? Knight? No. Mayo? No. Henson? More hesitant no. Antetokounmpo? If he had a larger salary to balance books, maybe, although he could become the next Linsanity and prove to become an overpaid one season wonder. Ersan Ilyasova could be considered as a floor spacing 4 man, but this deal would likely include Kyle Singler, Jonas Jerebko or Tony Mitchell instead of Will Bynum

Orlando Magic - Good young guards. Good young bigs. No decent wings, Tobias Harris aside, and he's just not going to cut it in a sign and trade.

Memphis Grizzlies - Like Charlotte, their best players are Mike Conley (PG) and Zach Randolph & Marc Gasol (both bigs). We have both positions covered, so Zach Randolph returning home is unlikely, plus he just signed an extension I believe. Ok, I think I'm beginning to ramble about Memphis, which some could misconstrue as genuine interest. No.

Denver Nuggets - With Kenneth Faried due an extension, he could become overpaid. J.J. Hickson is an undersized big, and Timofey Mozgov has an alarming tendency to get ferociously dunked on. Enter Greg Monroe, who could be an interesting piece for Denver, with potentially Wilson Chandler or Danilo Gallinari coming back. And I just realised I forgot about JaVale McGee. *Laughs*

Minnesota Timberwolves - With them trying to not lose Love for a cheap deal, I think the one struggling to make ends meet here would be us, with Minnesota potentially not seeing value in Monroe next to Pekovic as two un-floor-spacing bigs.

Utah Jazz - All their money was flushed down the drain on the inconsistent Gordon Hayward. Also, all the Jazz players are so young that they can't balance salaries, or named Derrick Favors, who is grossly overpaid at this point in his career.


As we can see, the market for Monroe is drying up as teams tie up their loose ends in free agency. The most likely scenario is Monroe returns in the "home red blue and white tonight" (meaning next season). Unless a team really makes a left field splash for Monroe, expect him to return to Motown next year.

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