NBA trade scenarios for Brandon Jennings

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Let it be known, I like Brandon Jennings as a player. Obviously he had an up and down season, but no one can forget the 18 assist game against the Suns or the 33 point game against the Bulls. However, 37% FG can't be ignored, especially considering his high usage rate, but 7.6 assists per game is a career best for a season, his previous high in 2012-13 where he averaged 6.5 apg.

Also, lets not forget he was a large part of the Bucks' playoff campaign in 2012-13, their first playoffs since his rookie year, and their drop in play since he's left has been noticeable, as his and Monta Ellis' departure have transformed the Bucks from 8th seed to league-worst record.

Some people feel that Jennings should be moved, especially if a deal for someone like Eric Bledsoe can be achieved. However, a lot of fans are of the opinion that he should be given at least another season. Let's at least look at it from this perspective: Charlie Villanueva was given five years, Jennings should be around longer than one at least.

Similar to my Fanpost on Greg Monroe, I'll go through the whole league, but instead of evaluating what the other teams have of interest for the Pistons, I'll just examine whether Jennings would be a fit on their current roster.

A lot of these assumptions will be predicated on the fact that Jennings is a starter quality point guard.

Portland Trail Blazers: Damian Lillard is the obvious starter. Wesley Matthews is the established off-guard, eliminating a potential Phoenix-type two PG lineup. They may lose Mo Williams in free agency, but they have C.J. McCollum as reserve.

Utah Jazz - The Jazz are looking towards the future. Whilst Jennings is still only 24, the Jazz have a young core of Michigan favourite Trey Burke and Aussie combo guard Dante Exum, as well as Alec Burks, eliminating need for Jennings.

Denver Nuggets: Ty Lawson is a very good PG when healthy, and Aaron Brooks is a dynamite scorer off the bench. Two PG lineups require one to be good at defense, and a Lawson-Jennings defensive pairing would be a field day for opponents. Plus, they just reacquired former Piston Arron Afflalo.

Minnesota Timberwolves - Whilst Ricky Rubio has regressed in his NBA career thus far (that jumpsuit jumpshot ... wow), they have just drafted 6'6" combo guard Zach LaVine as a future piece. However, in the current climate, there is a dearth of quality PGs at the Wolves, with J.J. Barea the only other recognised floor general.

Oklahoma City Thunder: Russell Westbrook...Reggie Jackson

Los Angeles Lakers - A return to Jennings' hometown Lakers is a possibility roster wise, if not cap wise. The Lakers lost Jordan Farmar to crosstown rivals Clippers, and only just acquired Jeremy Lin. Kent Bazemore is gone in free agency, leaving an open spot for a starting PG.

• Los Angeles Clippers - Not with Chris Paul.

Sacramento Kings - They just threw a terrible contract (what's new) at Darren Collison to be their starter, plus Detroit local Ray McCallum Jr is riding the bench PG slot. Besides, a ball-dominant Jennings on this roster with Gay and Cousins may be one step too far for the Sacramento faithful.

Golden State Warriors - lol

• Phoenix Suns - Even if they lose Eric Bledsoe, they still have Goran Dragic and Isaiah Thomas as a potential starting 2 PG backcourt, with rookie Tyler Ennis and journeyman Ish Smith on the bench.

Dallas Mavericks - I can see Jennings easily starting over Raymond Felton in Dallas, as he is not fat and can remotely shoot the ball and run an offense, qualities Felton lacks, which are somewhat important for a PG.

San Antonio Spurs - While Gregg Popovich is alive, Brandon Jennings will never play for San Antonio.

Houston Rockets - Jennings is the total opposite of Patrick Beverley, an offensive firecracker with absolute turnstile defense. If they did not have James Harden on the roster, a 2 PG lineup of Jennings-Beverley with Beverley guarding the SG may be interesting.

Memphis Grizzlies - Mike Conley Jr is possibly one of the most underrated PGs in the league. He fits really well in the Grizzlies grind and grit culture. Do you really think Jennings would fit in that?

New Orleans Pelicans - If Jrue Holiday remains healthy, there is absolutely no need for Jennings. However, his health has been a concern the last season or so, making this not totally unreasonable.

Orlando Magic - After inexplicably selecting Aaron Gordon with the 4th overall pick whilst Julius Randle was still on the board, they acquired who they hope to be their PG of the future with Elfrid Payton. However, with Jameer Nelson gone, their new "experienced" PG is Luke they just signed Ben Gordon (must have been no NBA TV subscription in central Florida the last 5 years). Brandon Jennings would be good here, but this may classify as cruel and unusual punishment.

Miami Heat - After going all out to acquire Shabazz Napier (who has now unfollowed LeBron James on Twitter) to supposedly please LeBron (didn't go to plan), they have resigned Mario Chalmers (did they not watch the Finals) and still have Norris Cole contracted.

Charlotte Hornets - Kemba Walker is far too good to displace from the starting lineup. Plus, they have acquired "Born Ready" in a seemingly bargain deal, therefore reducing the need for "Young Money".

Atlanta Hawks: Jeff Teague is a very similar player to Brandon Jennings, but with better defense. I'm not sure that the Hawks would really want or need Jennings at this point, despite apparent rumours of a direct trade between the two during Jennings' swansong campaign in Milwaukee.

Washington Wizards - again, lol

Boston Celtics - They just drafted Marcus Smart, locked down lockdown defender Avery Bradley, and still own one of the best true PGs not named Chris Paul in Rajon Rondo.

Philadelphia 76ers - The 76ers aren't trying to win. Brandon Jennings would help them win. Brandon Jennings is not going to the Philadelphia 76ers.

New York Knicks - If the trade had not happened, Jennings over Felton, duh. However, with former Piston Jose Calderon plus up and comer Shane Larkin and the general ball dominant mess of J.R. Smith and Carmelo Anthony, this is not a situation I would wish upon Brandon.

Brooklyn Nets - Deron Williams' status as a superstar is slowly fading, he keeps making All-Star rosters on name and foreigners voting nowadays as opposed to because of his play (then again, Joe Johnson made the All-Start team over Kyle Lowry). If Brooklyn had even any money or flexibility, this wouldn't be the craziest idea, even though they just acquired Jarrett Jack.

Toronto Raptors: Kyle Lowry's All-Star caliber play resulted in a big pay day, rendering Brandon Jennings redundant.

• Chicago Bulls - If Derrick Rose stays healthy, then it's obvious. If Derrick Rose gets injured again, maybe, especially since they lost D.J. Augustin to the best franchise in NBA history (no bias).

Indiana Pacers: George Hill is overrated, but they just signed Rodney Stuckey (lol), so they seemingly have a plan after losing Lance Stephenson (like, LOL).

• Milwaukee Bucks - That bridge is burned.

Cleveland Cavaliers - That bridge is blocked by Kyrie Irving and $90 million (and the stellar backup play of Matthew Dellavedova of course).


Brandon Jennings is the starting PG for Detroit at this point in time and should be given a chance under SVG. There are not a lot of favourable siutations for Jennings outside of Detroit in the rest of the league, plus moving Jennings is a seemingly non-priority for SVG, with the head honcho prioritising the Greg Monroe situation.

Greg Monroe Scenarios Part II (Potential Trades)

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