Breaking Down Isaiah Thomas

Cool Story

First of all, I just want to say that I think this is one of the coolest stories in sports. In case you don't know, Isaiah Thomas was named after Isiah Thomas as a result of a bet between friends during the 1989 nba finals. Isaiah Thomas's father, a Laker fan, took a bet that if the pistons won the finals, he would name his son after the Piston point guard. The Pistons won, and like a boss, he kept his word. But there are many Michael Jordans, and millions of kids named after athletes. Are own Joe Dumars named his son Jordan.

But to have your son, that's named after a a basketball player actually take up the sport, and be good enough to play on an NBA level playing the SAME position as his name sake...that's pretty cool. Makes you wonder if the kid would even be here if the Pistons hadn't won the championship.

Eye Don't Lie

Its pretty obvious that Isaiah Thomas is a pretty talented player just watching him. Which makes it harder to understand why he was the last pick in the 2011 draft. He was a Sports Center regular, and just because of his name (and his game) I wanted the Pistons to draft him. I later decided that it would be wrong to have a second Isaiah. The kid put up Kyrie Irving like numbers last season, 20 ppg 6 ast, which is why the Pistons are after him.

But if you think you're getting a pass first point guard in the vein of the HOF'd be mistaken. Isaiah is a shoot first ask questions later kind of guy. Which explains why he only averaged 6 assists on a team with consistent finishers like Demarcus Cousins and Rudy Gay. He has what we call "little man complex." Being 5''8 (his real height) in a land of giants, you'd have to puff your chest out a little bit. But after watching Brandon Jennings last year (who averaged 7.6 apg) Piston fans will not want to see a selfish PG. Well...brace yourselves, Isaiah MAY be more selfish than Jennings. Looking at his numbers would suggest that.

The Difference?

He took 15.2 shots (compared to Jennings 14.2) and 5.1 threes per game (Jennings took 5.7). His ast/to ratio was 2:1, while Jennings ast/to was 2.8:1

Don't shoot the messenger folks. Also Isaiah Thomas, like his name sake, is not a pure three point shooter. He shot just under .349% last year from deep. Which is exactly what Brandon Jennings career average is. The biggest difference in their games is Thomas got to the line last season 5.7 times compared to Jennings 4. So just looking at the numbers, you're getting a shorter, more aggressive, version of Brandon Jennings.

Now that doesnt take into consideration the coachability factor, leadership, lockeroom etc But it does cause you to pause before making this move. If i'm the GM, I don't do it. Even though I like parts of his game. I'd try to lure Kyle Lowry, look at trade options, or sign an undrafted Jahii Carson. (seriously) Because as we see this offseason, just because youre drafted late, or not drafted at all, doesn't mean you can't play.

Here's a video breaking down Isaiah Thomas game

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