Detroit options for Monroe

Hey nobody has talked about Josh Smith or Greg Monroe all summer so I figured lets get the ball rolling....(Sarcasm) for those that don't get it. I have always been a Greg Monroe fan since we drafted him. A big with old school back to the basket post up moves, a solid passing big, the kind of guy you can run an offense through.

But then we drafted this guy named Andre Drummond. Or as I like to call him when I have had a couple soda pops at the bar and he is throwing down monster dunks, Andre "Long Dick" Drummond. I may have made a scene at a buffalo wild wings or two screaming that nick name.

Greg Monroe is a Center, a good center, the kind of center that could be great with the right pieces around him. The problem is Andre Drummond is a great center, the kind of center who will be great now that we have a coach and GM who will put the right pieces around him.

Our problem is we have one great center and one good center who play the same position and don't really complement each other well in todays NBA. If we could time travel back even 10 years ago these two could probably work well together. The problem is todays NBA is playing small ball with more athletic players with diverse skill sets and athleticism. Spreading the floor, looking to penetrate and pitch to shooters outside or a big on the block for a dunk. For some reason Joe said screw that. Were going to do the opposite of what is going on in the NBA today. Were going to play BIG ball (Drummond, Monroe, Smith). Well......that didn't work out so well. Big ball turned into people who cant defend their position ball. It turned into people playing offensive roles they were never meant to play ball.

Was last years season a result of bad coaching? No identity? Wrong mix of players? No chemistry? No vision for what our team was/is supposed to be? It wasn't a result of one of those things. It was a result of all of those things. Fortunately we took the biggest step possible. Hiring a coach/GM that gets it, that knows what he wants, how he wants it, and how to make it happen. I trust and respect SVG and believe he will do what is best to build a TEAM and not a collection of players around Drummond.

Which brings me to what to do with Monroe. Again not a Monroe hater but just a person that realizes We had a good young center in Monroe and now have a great young center in Drummond. If you put a gun to my head and made me chose one over the other I'm taking Drummond 7 days a week and twice on Sunday.

Here is a list of teams that have through the grape vine expressed an interest in Greg Monroe. Cleveland, Portland, Lakers, New Orleans, Atlanta, and us.

Portland: just signed Chris Kamen to the role Monroe would have played and are offering a max extension to Aldridge. Sounds like they might not be in the Monroe free agency battle. If they were I would try to get Batum and Lopez. Starting small forward and a back up Center for depth.

New Orleans: they just traded a future first round pick for Omar Asik. Apparently they hate first round picks more than Joe Dumars. I don't see them going for Monroe now that they have Asik but if they did I would expect the obvious in return Ryan Anderson.

Lakers: They literally have one asset on their entire team that is tradable. Julious Randle. Since I don't see them looking to trade him the only thing I would want back from LA would be Randle or a future first round pick. Not enough to get me excited about a sign and trade.

Atlanta: This is the first place that actually makes sense. If I am Stan the man then I am trying to be aggressive in getting two players from this team that fits OUR type of player. Paul Milsap and Kyle Korver. If Stan could get these two for Monroe I would be ecstatic. We would have a tough grind it out big who can play D rebound and score in multiple ways. Milsap was meant to be a Piston with his toughness and work either. Awesome big to bring off the bench for one year, that is what he has left on his contract. Korver would be the perfect spacer around Drummond. The best 3 point shooter in the game that you can put at the 2 or 3 depending on what you want your line up to look like. This would be the ideal trade for me if SVG could make it happen.

Cleveland: they will not be in the running for Lebron, Melo, or any other big name free agent. That's a fact jack! But they definitely need a center to build around with Irving and Wiggins. Monroe seems to fit perfect for Cleveland but were not giving up a talent like Monroe with out something good coming back. There are many different options you could go with for trades with Cleveland but the one I would realistically tolerate would be next years Ceveland's first round pick, Jarret Jack, and Anthony Bennett. We pick up a back up point guard who is very underrated, a future draft pick, and the potential of Bennett. I think Bennett can contribute but not be great with the right team and coach. He did shot 38 percent from 3 when he was in college. I'll take stretch 4 for a thousand Alex. (Jeopardy reference for the confused). I feel comfortable in SVG molding him into a solid contributor if not more.

Detroit: We have the highest paid 6th man in Monroe coming of the bench. Everyone says Smith off the bench but Smith is a stat stuffer who at the 4 not the 3, scores, rebounds, defends the 4 very well, blocks shots, gets steals, gets assists, and can stay with stretch bigs on the perimeter.

I have no clue what is going to happen this off season but these are my rambling thoughts for you to destroy or find common ground on. I know Monroe will be good, the problem is I also know Drummond will be great and in todays NBA they are not a great pairing. Twin towers are a thing of the past. So if I am going to trade Smith or Monroe I am trading Monroe because he is what I can get the most for, doesn't fit with Drummond, and as hard as I want to I can't fit that square peg down that damn round whole.

Pop quiz DBB"s you have one decision to make for the future of your franchise and you cant trade Smith. What do you do! No fair haters who say we should get every great player plus their first round draft pick from ever team for Monroe. Lets be realistic here ladies and gentlemen.

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