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The Clippers and Grizzlies have a lot to lose for


Two weeks ago today, Matt posed an interesting question: what circumstances would ever prompt a team purposefully lose? If you recall, the impetus behind the question was a a blog entry by Mark...

Come On, Rip!


Don't ask, because I have no idea. I think it was inspired by that game against Orlando that Rip missed to attend a funeral. Can anyone else provide a translation of this page from Chinese?...

Darko the musical muse


Like techno music? What about a former Piston who used to wear No. 31? If you answered yes to either question, you might be interested in a song that may or may not be dedicated to (and/or inspired...

Bucks whoop Pistons (bench)


You know how ever since the Pistons have wrapped up homecourt advantage they've done things like play the starters for only half the game? And how guys like Antonio McDyess, Tony Delk and Lindsey...

Update: Who would you rather the Pistons play now?


The weekend brought some clarity with regards to which 8 teams would be competing in the Eastern Conference playoffs, but there is still some jockeying for position going on for slots 5-8. While...

Another record (almost) in the books


Krista Latham made an interesting observation in today's Free Press: the Pistons are two games away from setting a new NBA record for fewest turnovers in a season. It's not in the bag yet, but it...

Pistons beat New York in less than 12 minutes


It was obvious from the start that the Pistons' starters were looking to take care of business early. After receiving the tip from Ben Wallace, Rip Hamilton found Tayshaun Prince for an alley-oop...

Delfino clarifies statements


The Free Press caught up with Carlos Delfino to ask him about the interview published earlier this week in which he seemed to suggest he wanted to miss the playoffs to play for Aregentina in the...

Pistons lose scrimmage to Raptors


The Pistons, playing their first officially meaningless game of the season after clinching homecourt advantage throughout the playoffs, dropped a game to the Raptors on Friday night. Four of the...

The Best of Grant Hill


It's a slow day for news, but it's Friday and I imagine many of you are just itching for something to pass the time before you punch out. So, even though it's not particularly relevant to anything...

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